Is it worth it to have my dedicated IP VPN?

It’s early in the morning and I’m sitting, gazing out of the window at the most amazing rainfall in the Philippines. My other half is sleeping soundly, and I’m trying to explain to her brother, who runs an Internet café, everything I have learned lately about cyber-security and all the reasons why it’s becoming more and more essential.

I’m from the UK, and I do tend to feel safer when I’m surfing in a public area while I’m at home, but I am much more cautious when I travel the globe.

I guess we are always continuously learning as the world evolves and the need for awareness grows. It is extremely easy to get complacent and to just go on anyway, but the more business you conduct online, the more banking and shopping you do… It becomes important that we behave in our best interests when it comes to safety and security.

More and more internet users are learning how to browse anonymously and securely, but there is one additional step we should all be looking at to make things function more effectively.

One concern that frequently comes up is, “Why do I still run into problems with sites such as PayPal and Google while I’m using a Shared IP VPN?” Why do I get red-flagged?’

The explanation is very straightforward. When you are utilizing services like Gmail behind a shared VPN IP, it may flag your session because Google believes your email mailbox is being hijacked. Google simply sees an IP address that hundreds or thousands of other individuals are using.

If you had a dedicated IP address, this would fix the issue. PayPal, online banking, Gmail, etc. will be able to identify you with your customized dedicated VPN IP and won’t flag the account and then ask you to verify that you are who you claim you are. Using a dedicated VPN IP may aid in improving the security of your most private online sessions by guaranteeing that no one else but you is viewing them.

So, at the end of the day, a shared VPN IP may provide a greater degree of anonymity while surfing the web, but dedicated IP VPNs provide a more customized layer of protection when registering on private websites or servers.

For any serious online user, having both a Shared IP VPN and a Dedicated VPN IP has become an excellent idea. By using the proper VPN IP for your session, you are now able to use the greatest security standards in all areas of your online life.

You have it there. Easy to comprehend, right? I need a coffee.

Bye for now!

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