Knowing the three pillars of cyber threat intelligence

Without a strong internet presence, it is almost impossible to operate a successful company nowadays. Hackers will attack you, no matter if you are the greatest company in your industry. This is why you need a program to prevent cybersecurity attacks. To completely secure your company, you must have a high degree of cyber intelligence, which is a difficult concept for many entrepreneurs to grasp.

A robust cyber intelligence program will aid in the gathering, analysis, and production of accurate and complete threat assessments that will aid in the decision-making process of cybersecurity. Consider the elements that support robust cyber intelligence.

Pillars of cyber intelligence


This kind of intelligence is advantageous since it provides upper management with data that enables them to access and quantify the business’s risks and brief senior management. It helps define cybersecurity goals. The information gathered will assist in providing advice based on known and undiscovered risks to the company, as well as taking preventative actions against coming threats. The pillar’s objective is to educate everyone on the cyber threat landscape and its effect on business.


This pillar serves as a connective tissue between the non-technical and technological aspects of tactical cyber intelligence. It assists the company’s senior management in developing strategic strategies and policies to safeguard the enterprise from possible cyber threats. It is essential when developing a plan for safeguarding the company from possible risks.


This intelligence pillar is advantageous for detecting and responding to prospective threats as well as those currently present on the network. It enables predictive analysis of risks before they gain access to a business’s network. It is responsible for ensuring that all data gathered is relevant and contextual, as well as enabling businesses to create proactive cybersecurity initiatives and assisting in the development of risk management policies. By enabling early identification of cybersecurity intrusions, the tactical pillar guarantees that the program is not just reactive to threats but also predictive.


The majority of companies already have this structure in place, and it is critical to maintaining a skilled workforce in the security department. By enforcing these pillars, you can focus on expanding your company without fear of losing critical information to rivals.

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