Learn about Incognito mode and its benefits

What does the term “Incognito mode” mean?

Google Chrome and other browsers provide Incognito mode. This feature enables you to browse discreetly. For instance, when you enter this incognito mode, it does not save your browsing history, your search history, or the cookies of the websites you visit; it is simply a more private mode of browsing that you may wish to use if you are using a shared computer, shopping for a gift for a friend or family member, or looking up some medical information. Thus, Incognito mode (private browsing) implies that the web pages you view and files you download in Incognito mode are not recorded in your browser and download histories. Changes to bookmarks and settings are preserved, but history is not.

Is private mode secure?

According to Computer Hope, utilizing Incognito mode (private browsing) on the internet does not guarantee full anonymity. As previously said, this is a simple and fast method to avoid logging into your browser history or saving (caching) any web pages, pictures, or cookies when surfing, particularly at an internet café. Additional suggestions on how to use private mode are included below.

How to apply it

Consider the Chrome web browser as an example. To begin, open your Chrome browser and then click on these three little lines in the upper right-hand corner. Then click on the new Incognito window to learn more about Incognito mode. Additionally, bear in mind that both your internet service provider and the website you are visiting know where you are going. Chrome is the only browser that does not save it. Now that you’re in Incognito mode, if you look to the upper left, you’ll see a man who looks like a little detective; this indicates that you’re in Incognito mode. When you’re finished searching for and seeing what you need on a website, just click the little X in the upper right-hand corner to exit Incognito mode. You’ll note that the tiny detective character has vanished from the upper left-hand corner of the normal Chrome browser; this indicates that you’ve exited Incognito mode.

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