Online services and countries that block VPNs

With the increasing use of smartphones, VPN applications have become an essential utility. Whether you want to access social networking sites (such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter), safeguard your privacy, or just access internet content from other locations, VPN services are essential. Since VPNs may also assist you in avoiding government restrictions, several countries and areas have expressly banned VPN services. VPN use is prohibited in certain jurisdictions and may result in fines and jail.

Countries where the government has prohibited the use of VPNs


China is one of the most restricted countries in the world when it comes to internet access. Google, Instagram, and other famous websites in other countries are among the banned websites. And, more recently, China has started to concentrate its efforts on VPN services. VPNs may circumvent government audits to gain access to prohibited content. VPNs are allowed only for businesses that have been authorized by the government.

However, VPNs that have been authorized by the government do have certain disadvantages. They can monitor your internet activity. You will also run afoul of the law if you use these VPN services in violation of applicable legislation.


Iran is unwilling to expose its citizens to too much of the outside world, and so has developed a local internet capable of blocking foreign information. However, you may select from among government-approved VPN services. It’s worth noting that Iranian government officials are also enthusiastic about VPN usage.


The Russian leadership cannot allow a proliferation of divergent views among the populace. Perhaps you are aware that several leftists have been apprehended for their internet views. As a result, individuals have learned to utilize VPNs to circumvent surveillance. The Russian government recognized this as well and therefore started to prohibit the use of VPNs.

United Arab Emirates

Perhaps you have a favorable image of the UAE, yet it remains one of the world’s most restrictive regimes. The Internet, of course, is no exception. Additionally, the UAE is a country that expressly prohibits the use of VPNs. If you’re in the UAE, you’ll notice that even Skype and WhatsApp are blocked without a VPN.

Other countries are comparable, including North Korea, Turkey, Iraq, Oman, Belarus, Syria, and Egypt.

VPN-blocking online services


Due to pressure from some film companies, Netflix has made it clear that VPN connections are banned. However, we are all aware that using a VPN to view these video sites is safer. Today, Netflix maintains a hostile stance toward VPNs and proxy servers. Additionally, their CEO said that they are unconcerned with the feelings of customers who want to use a VPN to watch Netflix.


Users outside the United States of America are not permitted to use Hulu to preserve copyright. Additionally, anyone who utilized a VPN to access Hulu would be banned. By the way, even residents of the United States are not permitted to utilize VPN access.

Don’t be concerned. This is just a list of governments and businesses that want to prohibit the use of VPNs. Generally, you can connect to and utilize a VPN service in some capacity.

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