Sites that track your every move

You may be astonished to hear that there are creepy websites that track your every move. We are all terrified of someone who knows even a little about us. Browsing search history is one of the most closely guarded secrets, and internet history leaks are a source of fear for many individuals these days.

Numerous websites have a great deal of information about you, your internet use, the names of your friends, and your browsing history. As a result, Google and Facebook are both growing into corporate behemoths because of their meticulous attention to detail. They were apprehended for snooping, lying, and backpedaling to accomplish their objectives.


The internet tracks your every step. By viewing several sites each day, you’ve provided the web with a massive quantity of data. This site stores information on the websites you visited, the movies you watched, the images you saw, and much more.

Almost every time you visit their site, signals are used to execute numerous operations on their site. It can even detect when you’re ready to stop. Additionally, you may have acquired all the data and cookies used on the site. Indeed, this website keeps track of your activities.

How to prohibit or limit data access: Use anti-tracker add-ons such as Ghostery to prevent these sites from tracking your every move.

  • True People Search

It is a website that allows visitors to search for an individual’s private information by entering their name and zip code. You may use this piece of information to determine a person’s contact information, current residences, age, and family.

The data gathered on this site is made publicly available to provide everyone with easy-to-understand information. True People Search’s major purpose is to reunite families and friends who have gone missing.

How to restrict or limit details: If you want your data deleted from the site, you must submit a request at

  • Predictive World

Excessive data sharing is not good practice. Generally, you provide data on the web that should be retained by you. While innovation has enhanced life, placing too much faith in someone may be hazardous.

Predictive World is a website where you can view and save your data. This website is unsettling and can predict your future. You only need to create a Facebook account, and it will automatically get all of your data via your profile. Predictive World generates separate career assumptions and views.

How to restrict or deny access to information: The site obtains information from Facebook, and by restricting the data you disclose on your Facebook profile, you may limit the amount of information Predictive World has about you.

  • Have I Been Pwned? keeps track of data abuses and breaches by collecting information on the affected accounts. This is the time to bookmark this page so you can return to it every couple of weeks. This is a critical tool. You must provide your email address, and this site will determine whether or not your password was leaked.

Given the frequency and magnitude of security breaches these days, the email is quite likely to have been compromised in some way, particularly if it was used to establish new accounts on certain other websites. It’s a terrifying and illuminating look at the whole scope of cybercrime and the lack of protection.

  • FamilyTreeNow

The website is devoted to genealogy and educates visitors about their personal information. A website that investigates your relationship with your family and then realizes how much such things affect others. As is the case with many other sites, this one attracts visitors rapidly.

It pretends to know everything about you and makes your information available to everyone. It contains a comprehensive set of addresses, telephone numbers, names, a complete record of birth and death, and information on associated people. This data may be gathered from any legal or unlawful source.

The primary difference between these services is that, if you really choose to sign up, many of them require money. People often disregard websites that require money, preferring instead to get something for free. The only worrisome aspect of this website is that it is capable of efficiently disclosing personal information about anybody.

  • Webkay

According to the website, you can easily learn about a user’s browsing history. It is possible to do this without the necessary authorisation. It can ascertain the kind of data a person is using, but one feature may prevent future exploitation of the information.

Simultaneously, a click function is offered, allowing you to choose who gathers data from the scene. The obtained data is located inside the area in question. It’s simple to visualize your gender and educational background.

  • Data Selfie

This is a browser plugin, not a website, but it demonstrates how worrisome large amounts of data can become when the details are examined. Generally, the Data Selfie plugin is a carbon copy of Facebook in virtually every way.

Rather than monetizing the data, the plugin enables users to see the data they’ve acquired and the uncanny data profiles they’ve been able to construct by using the same approaches as Facebook.

How to safeguard your data from these ominous websites

  • Restriction on the amount of personal information disclosed on social networking networks.
  • Always maintain a professional demeanor online.
  • Utilize a virtual private network service to mask your IP address, ensuring that you are untraceable.
  • Maintain constant awareness of current data breaches and releases.
  • Start by installing adblockers and other plugins.

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