Some reasons why a VPN is necessary

I like my work as an Internet Manager on a cruise ship. Not only do I get paid to travel the globe, but I also meet some unusual and fascinating individuals along the way.

This week, I met a very wonderful young Apple employee (I am an Apple Cult Member), and in addition to all the obvious questions I asked about the day-to-day operations of the world’s largest business, I was considering buying a VPN but was split 50/50. I was swaying back and forth, reading everything (I suffer from OCD), and pleading with Google to help me decide… so I asked him. “Why do I require a VPN?”

I purchased his recommendation within five minutes of him ceasing to speak. I didn’t even hesitate. I found myself wondering why I had any uncertainty.

Five reasons you should use a VPN

  1. The importance of security and privacy cannot be overstated. Between your gear and the network’s hub, data is exchanged. How can you be certain that the hotspot protects access to the router’s wired side? Without a VPN, you cannot. That is all.
  2. Even if you use a protected Wi-Fi network at work or at home, your bits (not their bits) travel through a broadband modem and through intermediary points.
  3. If you’re anything like my pals on board, you may sometimes be tempted to download illicit content. In this situation, the last thing you want is to be spied on. This may result in your name being added to someone’s ‘Hit-List.’ Don’t we all have those torrent applications installed on our computers? I once got an angry letter from Sony warning me that I would never be able to download Michael Jackson without paying for it again. It’s better to be cautious than to risk defending yourself in court or paying a hefty fee for something you may or may not have committed.
  4. Content that is location-restricted is a pain in the you know what. Who wants to wait for applications and TV programs that are only accessible in certain regions, for whatever reason? This may not be on your list of “Things That Annoy Me,” but it was until I learned about VPNs.
  5. Whether you are in a monitored environment or one that is totally unmonitored and open, stay secure, stay out of prying eyes, and help yourself sleep better knowing you are browsing securely.

Isn’t it interesting that we have access to so much information on the internet but are befuddled by an unending stream of contradictory opinions?

Fortunately, internet safety is now unquestionable.

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