Streaming online on your Smart TV using a VPN

Nowadays, a large number of households have smart TVs. Smart TVs are sometimes chosen over connected or hybrid TVs. It was often manufactured by well-known television manufacturers such as LG and Samsung. As the name implies, it is a television that is linked to the internet to stream media, do searches, and operate entertainment applications such as online music stations, video-rental services, or even web surfing. As is the case with a standard smartphone or computer, it may be linked to the internet through Wi-Fi or an ethernet connection.

With a smart TV, you can browse the web using the remote control. Certain Smart TV models already have pre-installed applications such as Skype, Netflix, and YouTube, which operate similarly to a normal web browser. It enables you to broadcast via whatever channels you want. However, what if you wish to view a YouTube video but it is geo-restricted due to a violation of copyright? What if you wish to watch a game of your favorite football team live-streamed? You were unaware that the government was surveilling you, which means they are seeing all of your online activity. While a Smart TV allows us to view anything we want, is our internet connection secure? A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, may assist you in creating a hidden tunnel or in concealing all of your internet traffic from hackers, snoopers, and even monitoring all of the things you upload and download. Additionally, a VPN may bypass any limitations on websites or movies that you want.

There are three methods for configuring a VPN on your Smart TV:

Configuration through ethernet cable

This is the simplest method for connecting your Smart TV to a VPN. Simply configure the router’s VPN settings and connect it straight to the Smart TV through an Ethernet connection. Today, it’s also one of the finest features of any flat-screen television or smart TV on the market.

Configuration through the Wi-Fi Router

All Smart TVs have built-in Wi-Fi. Finding and selecting the quickest and best VPN is critical when configuring the VPN on your Smart TV. You may configure a VPN through your router and then allow your computer to connect to it. Bear in mind that configuring a VPN on a router is a little more complex. This will be determined by the router you are using.

Configuration through laptop and creation of a Wi-Fi hotspot

The most popular method of connecting to a VPN is through a laptop acting as a Wi-Fi hotspot. You may configure your laptop to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot by opening a VPN. By utilizing Smart TVs, you may connect to your Wi-Fi since all Smart TVs come pre-equipped with Wi-Fi.

When viewing content on your Smart TV, Netflix, or other apps, an internet connection is required to view all of your channel subscriptions. Additionally, there are certain regions where Netflix is not accessible. A VPN for your Smart TV enables you to unblock any video.

NordVPN can provide you with a secure connection, which is particularly useful while viewing on your Smart TV. Configure NordVPN on your laptop or router to provide secure tunneling to your Smart TV.

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