Strengthen your passwords with these tips

It cannot be overstated how critical it is to create a strong password. Many individuals make the error of using their names or nicknames in combination with their birth year as a password. However, when hackers attempt to conjure potential passwords, their accounts become exposed.

However, the following suggestions will assist you in creating a strong password:

Avoid using frequently used passwords

The majority of individuals make the error of choosing widely known passwords like 123456, qwerty, or 1234 as passwords. These passwords are particularly vulnerable to brute force and dictionary attacks. Additionally, using the name of your cat, the model of your vehicle, or other easy-to-guess passwords is risky for your account. No matter how simple it seems, avoid associating your password with yourself.

Increase the length of your password

Stronger passwords are those that are longer than six characters. Regardless of their complexity, longer passwords are more difficult to crack. When constructing a lengthy password, include a variety of different characters and combine upper and lower case. By lengthening your password and using unusual characters, you increase the number of attempts a hacker must make before your account becomes susceptible. If your password is lengthy, hacking becomes more difficult.

Do not duplicate your password

The most effective method to make your account susceptible is to use the same password across numerous platforms. This is very hazardous since if one of your accounts is successfully stolen, every account saved in your browser becomes exposed as well. Additionally, the websites you visit may not all be equally secure, which means that if one is hacked, your information may be taken and an attempt made on your account and other connected websites.

Organize your passwords using a password manager

Numerous password managers are available on the market, each with a unique set of features and levels of protection. These password managers generate and store highly encrypted and lengthy passwords. The majority of them provide log-in assistance, which eliminates the need for you to remember passwords; all you need to remember is the password to your password manager. The majority of password managers operate across all devices, providing a unified experience. The list of password managers is endless, including NordPass, LastPass, RoboForm, and others.

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