The best VPN for NBC to watch it abroad (outside the US)

Is the NBC live stream unavailable in your area? NBC is a tremendously popular station, but its internet content may only be seen from inside the US. There is a workaround, though. If you’d want to watch from Australia, the UK, or anywhere else internationally (outside the US), a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will enable you to do so.

A VPN functions by routing your network traffic across faraway servers, enabling you to pick which sites you think you’re located on. For example, using an American server may allow you to restore access to US-based streaming sites such as NBC, US Netflix, and HBO while you travel. In contrast, trying to watch NBC without using a VPN would return one of two errors: “Live stream unavailable in your area” or “This content is not available in your location.”

How to watch NBC online overseas (without cable)

Setting up a VPN so you can watch NBC online from anywhere is a straightforward task. Follow the instructions below and you’ll be watching NBC from overseas in a matter of minutes.

  • Decide which VPN you’d want to use. We suggest NordVPN.
  • Download the VPN software and make sure to download the correct version for your device’s operating system.
  • Connect to one of your VPN’s American servers.
  • Visit the NBC website to view on-demand videos or connect to one of the streaming services (outlined later in the article) to watch live television.
  • Try playing a video. Any error notices should vanish, and the content should load fairly instantaneously. If not, try deleting your cookies and reopening the page.

The best VPN for NBC

The issue is that there are hundreds of accessible VPN services, and not all of them are suited for looking at high-definition content. We searched for VPNs that matched the following criteria for determining the best VPN for viewing NBC:

  • Numerous servers located around the United States.
  • Consistent connectivity and fast data transfer rates.
  • Capable of securely connecting to a variety of streaming sources, including NBC.
  • Encryption that has strong and extra security features.
  • Minimal logging, or better still, none at all.

Contrary to popular belief, PrivacyExplore does not advocate or condone the use of a VPN to illegally access content. We recommend that you read the applicable laws and terms of service for individual streaming sites in your location before using a VPN to access their content.


NordVPN is our top recommendation for NBC. Due to its huge server network and fast bandwidth, it is a popular option for streaming. Indeed, it outperformed all other VPNs in our latest speed testing. All of its servers are geared towards high-definition streaming, and it supports secure access to a variety of popular services, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and HBO. Each account is granted multiple connections, allowing you to safeguard all of your devices simultaneously.

This VPN does not store any of your data and has an application-specific kill switch to protect you in the event of a connection loss. It comes pre-configured with DNS leak prevention, anti-malware, and ad-blocking capabilities. Additionally, its military-grade 256-bit encryption is regarded as almost uncrackable.

This VPN service is available on Android, iOS, Mac OS X, and Windows. Certain routers and Linux-based devices, such as the Raspberry Pi, are also supported but need manual installation.

Can I watch NBC with a free VPN?

While free VPNs may seem enticing, we suggest avoiding them for a variety of reasons. To begin with, free VPNs sometimes lack the network infrastructure necessary to support large user bases. This increases the likelihood of experiencing sporadic disconnections or stuttering, low-resolution video, particularly during peak hours.

You may be wondering how free VPNs manage to remain in business. Since they are unable to charge you directly, they have had to create other revenue streams. These techniques vary from embedding advertisements into websites you visit, following your actions after you disconnect, and selling your information to other parties without your knowledge.

In certain circumstances, free VPNs compromise the security of your machine. Some of them install spyware, while others do not encrypt your data at all. We’ve even seen cheap VPNs sell their customers’ bandwidth to botnets. To ensure the security of your data, we suggest that you choose a reliable VPN provider that has a track record of preserving customers’ privacy.

How to watch NBC without a cable subscription

You may have observed that, even though your VPN enables you to access on-demand content, the NBC live stream remains inaccessible to your location. This is because NBC requires consumers to check in using the credentials provided by their US cable provider before giving access to live-streamed programs. Is there any way around this?

Yes and no. Since the NBC website requires a cable subscription to view live streaming, you will be unable to see the stream there. There are, however, some streaming options that include NBC that are less expensive than a traditional cable subscription. Many of these sites also offer free trial periods, so you won’t have to spend a dime if you simply want to watch NBC live on occasion.

  1. Sling TV — $25 per month; seven-day free trial available.
  2. Hulu — $39.99 a month; a seven-day free trial is available.
  3. YouTube TV — $40 per month; a seven-day trial is available. On-demand services are available in some regions.
  4. Fubo TV — $19.99 for the first month and $44.99 afterwards; a seven-day trial period is available.

While DIRECTV is often suggested, their channel list states that “to receive a local or regional sports network, your billing address must correspond to a local market, and your device must be located in that market.” This practically eliminates it as a viable choice for international audiences.

What is available on NBC?

NBC provides a rather diverse collection of on-demand programming. We’ve included a list of some of NBC’s most popular series below:

  1. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
  2. Chicago Fire
  3. The Voice
  4. Dateline
  5. The Tonight Show
  6. Good Girls


Why do I need a VPN to access NBC?

NBC is currently only accessible in the United States, and it verifies your IP address before enabling you to see anything. As a result, you will be unable to watch your favorite programs while on vacation, even if you normally reside in the United States.

When you connect to a VPN, your IP address is changed, fooling NBC into believing you are in the location of your selected server. In other words, you can watch NBC from anywhere on the globe by connecting to an American server. Additionally, your traffic will be encrypted, protecting it from snoopers such as your ISP, company, or government.

Why is it that NBC is still not compatible with my VPN?

If you are still unable to access NBC after connecting (for example, if the videos load interminably or if you see an error message stating “This video is not available in your location”), the provider will most certainly recognize that you are using a VPN.

NBC may have added a cookie to your device indicating your actual location. As a result, clearing your browser’s cookies and attempting again is a smart idea. In the absence of this, contact your VPN’s help staff to determine which server you should use. If not, your only other alternative may be to switch to a different VPN.

Is it possible to stream NBC programming in India?

Normally, NBC broadcasts would not be available to watch in India. This is because the service is region-locked and only accessible in the United States. However, you may circumvent this kind of ban and continue using your regular services when traveling overseas by connecting to a US-based VPN server.

Is it possible to stream NBC on Roku?

You can access the official NBC Roku channel on your device by searching for it. While you may be able to access a wealth of on-demand programming, you will be unable to view live news unless you log in using your cable provider’s credentials.

Want to watch NBC without a cable subscription? Don’t worry: you can also sign in using your Sling TV, fuboTV, YouTube TV, or Hulu with a Live TV account. All of these programs provide a free trial period, allowing you to evaluate each and choose which is the best fit for you before committing.

How do I get NBC on my Firestick?

Simply download the official NBC app from the store to watch NBC on your Amazon Firestick or Fire TV. You’ll be able to view recently broadcast episodes for free, and depending on your area, you may even have access to a selection of live streaming channels. Having said that, you’ll need to log in using your cable provider’s credentials or those of a compatible over-the-top service such as YouTube TV to watch.

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