The best VPN for Netflix France (French Netflix) to watch abroad

While there is a greater demand for VPNs that work with the American version of Netflix than in any other nation, this does not imply that the US Netflix collection is the only one worth mentioning. Other nations, such as France, have their own content; most of it is not available in other countries, including the United States.

This is a significant issue for overseas travelers since they may be unable to continue watching their favorite programs while abroad. Fortunately, using a French IP address, you may safely access your own country’s Netflix collection. The most effective method of obtaining a French IP address is to connect to a VPN. A VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, encrypts all internet data on a device and passes it via an intermediate server in a location of your choice. For instance, by connecting to a VPN server in France, your true IP address is concealed by the server’s French IP address, enabling you to access French content.

Regrettably, when Netflix became worldwide in 2016, it prohibited most VPN servers from accessing its collection. If you are trying to access French Netflix over a banned VPN server, you will either see only internationally accessible content or get the following error message:

Oups, un problème est survenu… Erreur de streaming. Il semble que vous utilisiez un proxy ou un débloqueur. Veuillez désactiver ces services et réessayer.

Or, in English:

“Whoops, something went wrong… Streaming error. You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.”

Best VPN for Netflix France

Only a select few VPNs provide safe access to Netflix France. The following is a suggestion for the top VPN for Netflix France that we found using the following criteria:

  • Maintains servers in France that are compatible with Netflix.
  • Rapid and dependable speeds for uninterrupted HD streaming.
  • Strict security measures and a strong privacy policy.
  • Customer service that is prompt and competent.
  • Supports a variety of device types.


NordVPN is our preferred method of streaming Netflix France. It is the fastest VPN in our exhaustive testing and boasts a global network of over 5,000 servers. NordVPN is also compatible with a variety of other streaming services. A single subscription enables simultaneous connection on multiple devices.

As stated in its zero-log policy, the Panama-based firm does not keep any information about how you use the VPN or your internet behavior. The encryption standards are current and robust enough to keep hackers and your ISP out.

Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android applications are available.

How to use a VPN to view Netflix France from abroad

With the correct VPN, you can safely access Netflix France in a couple of minutes:

  1. Install the VPN provider app on your device.
  2. Launch the application and choose a server location in France.
  3. Connect by clicking the Connect button.
  4. Open Netflix and begin streaming immediately once the connection is established!

If you run into problems, try switching VPN servers, deleting your cookies, and clearing your browser cache. If problems continue, contact your VPN customer care.

Is your VPN incompatible with Netflix? Consider the following:

If you bought a subscription to one of the VPN companies listed above but continue to get a Netflix proxy error, try the following actions:

  1. Log out of all Google accounts on the device, including those that you use with Chrome. Google caches IP addresses, which may be used to determine your precise location.
  2. Disable all location-based services on your browser and device (GPS, etc). If you previously had Netflix access to your location, you’ll need to disable this feature in your browser settings.
  3. Clear the cookies, cache, and temporary files from your browser. Learn how to clear your cache and cookies here.
  4. Deactivate IPv6 on your device. This option is often located in your network settings. Following that, your device may need to be restarted.
  5. To receive a new IP address, disconnect and rejoin the desired server location.
  6. Adjust the time zone on your device to the provider’s service region and the time to local time. France is in the UTC+1 time zone.
  7. If you are connected to a wireless network and have access to the router, change the name of the wireless network (SSID). Add the suffix “_nomap” to the end (without quotes). As an example, consider “privacyexplore_nomap”. This disables Google’s geolocation services on your network. To reestablish internet connectivity, you must reconnect your device to a new network.

How we discovered the best VPN for Netflix France

Surprisingly, few VPNs are capable of securely connecting to Netflix France when traveling. Fewer still provide the speeds necessary for 4K video or the security necessary to conceal your actions from inquisitive eyes. To guarantee that we only suggest the best VPN, we searched for a VPN that excelled in each of the following categories:

  • Server choice: Netflix uses your IP address to determine your location, which means we’ll need French servers to access Netflix France. These would ideally be many and scattered throughout a few different locations, allowing those of us who live outside Paris to continue to rely on a low-latency connection.
  • Performance: Our staff conducts hundreds of tests each month to determine which VPNs are the fastest. In other words, we are unmatched in our ability to determine if a service is fast enough for Netflix. Notably, we also examine the dependability of the connection to guarantee that you can always view it in the highest possible quality.
  • Streaming capability: A component of our evaluation process is determining if a VPN is compatible with other Netflix libraries, as well as popular services such as TF1, Canal+, and Amazon Prime Video. This way, you’ll know precisely which of your regularly scheduled services will be accessible throughout your international trips.
  • Security: We need all of our top VPN providers to adhere to a zero-logging policy. Additionally, they must provide 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and security against DNS and IPv6 leaks. However, we prefer services that go beyond and above these minimum requirements.
  • User-friendliness: We only suggest providers that provide beginner-friendly applications and customer help through live chat. However, if there is no connection restriction, no need for dedicated streaming servers, or anything else that simplifies the experience, that is a significant plus.

VPNs that are incompatible with Netflix France

We’ve suggested a VPN that we’re aware of that works with French Netflix. The great majority of others will be ineffective. Here are a handful of websites that you may come across throughout your search, but, contrary to what other websites may claim, they do not function with Netflix France at the time of writing.

  • VyprVPN
  • Buffered
  • IPVanish
  • PureVPN
  • LiquidVPN
  • SaferVPN
  • Private Internet Access (PIA)
  • HideMyAss (HMA)
  • Zenmate

Best VPN for Netflix France FAQs

Why is Netflix geographically restricted?

Netflix negotiates license deals with copyright holders to broadcast television episodes and films that it did not produce. These deals are often nation-by-country, which means Netflix may get the right to broadcast a program in one country but not in another. Perhaps the program is not popular enough in certain regions for Netflix to bid on it, or perhaps the show is already owned by another television network or streaming service.

Netflix must limit viewers based on their location to execute those license agreements. This is normally accomplished by inspecting the viewer’s device’s IP address, which may be concealed by a VPN. Netflix, on the other hand, is aware of this approach and restricts connections from many well-known VPN servers.

Is it possible to view French television series on a regional Netflix?

Yes, Netflix’s regional libraries are brimming with French content. Additionally, you may access French subtitles and audio on most Netflix Original programs.

Is Netflix France distinct from Netflix United States?

Yes. Netflix France currently lacks a large number of titles accessible to members in other countries, most notably the United States. On the other hand, Netflix France offers a few episodes and films that are not accessible in other countries, as well as French subtitles.

Netflix France, according to uNoGs, has 5,400 titles, whereas Netflix USA has closer to 5,800 titles at the time of writing.

Subscription costs vary somewhat as well.

Is it possible to stream Netflix France with a free VPN?

The likelihood of discovering a free VPN provider that enables you to safely watch Netflix France is quite remote. We strongly advise against using so-called “free” VPNs. Many of them profit from consumers’ surfing habits by mining their data, embedding tracking cookies into their browsers, and placing advertisements onto online sites. They often sell users’ data to other parties, most commonly advertising firms.

Additionally, free VPNs often have data caps, bandwidth restrictions, and significantly narrower server selections. This usually includes malware capable of stealing data or causing harm to your device.

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