The best way to access TikTok from anywhere using a VPN

TikTok is currently prohibited in India, and many other nations, including the United States, Australia, Pakistan, and Japan, are considering similar prohibitions. Despite the fact that its parent firm is Chinese, TikTok is not accessible in the nation; instead, a Chinese counterpart named Douyin is used.

We’ve already discussed the possible cybersecurity dangers that TikTok users face and why certain authorities are keen on prohibiting it in a separate piece, so we won’t go over those points again here. Rather than that, we’ll discuss how to use a VPN to access TikTok from any country.

A VPN, an acronym for Virtual Private Network, is a service that encrypts and routes your internet connection via an intermediate server. This server serves as a go-between for your device and the content you’re trying to view; in this instance, TikTok. Through the use of a VPN server located in another nation, you may get access to applications, websites, and services that are normally inaccessible in your own country.

How can I use a VPN to unblock TikTok?

A nation may prohibit TikTok in a variety of ways. For example, in China, internet service providers restrict access to TikTok servers, rendering the app inaccessible. In India, app retailers are obliged to delete TikTok, so unblocking it requires accessing the Google Play or Apple App Store in another country.

If your internet service provider is preventing you from accessing TikTok, sign up for the VPN suggested below and follow the steps below.

  1. Install a VPN client on your device; we suggest NordVPN.
  2. Select a location in a country where TikTok is not banned in the VPN app.
  3. Establish a VPN connection.
  4. Open TikTok and begin using it regularly.

If TikTok is not accessible in your app store, read the sections below on how to alter the location of an app store on iOS or Android.

Best VPN for TikTok

Not all VPN services are created equal. To unblock TikTok in India (or any other country), you’ll need a VPN that satisfies the following criteria:

  • Rapid transfer rates ensure continuous video streaming.
  • Secure connection and no record of your activities.
  • Numerous servers located in countries where TikTok is not prohibited.
  • iOS and Android applications.
  • Money-back guarantee.


Our top suggestion is NordVPN. One of the fastest VPNs we’ve tested, it’s ideal for watching unlimited TikTok videos regardless of your location. It is even effective in China. NordVPN’s rigorous zero-logging policy and military-grade encryption ensure that your online actions are always secure. If you need assistance, 24/7 customer service is accessible through live chat.

NordVPN, like ExpressVPN, supports a large number of popular streaming services, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, and Disney+.

Apps for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, and Linux are available. Multiple devices may be connected simultaneously.


How can I modify the country in which Google Play is available?

If TikTok has been deleted from Google Play in your country, the following steps will guide you through the process of switching to another nation’s version of Google Play and downloading it:

  1. Open your VPN app on your Android smartphone and connect to the country you want to visit.
  2. Launch the Google Play application.
  3. Select Account from the Menu (three horizontal bars).
  4. You’ll notice the option to Switch to the country you’ve selected with your VPN under Country and profiles. To do so, you’ll require a country-specific method of payment. If you do not already have one, you may want to get a prepaid debit card for that nation.
  5. Within the next 24 hours, the Google Play Store will automatically switch to a new country.

Please keep in mind that you may only change your Google Play country once a year and that you may lose access to your account balance and past transactions.

How can I alter the country in which the Apple App Store is available?

If your country’s App Store has deleted TikTok, the simplest way to obtain it is to establish a new Apple ID. This enables you to choose a new nation without physically going there or using a local payment method.

Alternatively, here’s how to update the country associated with your existing Apple ID:

  1. Open the VPN app on your iOS device and connect to the country you want to visit.
  2. Launch the Settings application.
  3. Select your name, followed by iTunes & App Store.
  4. To view your Apple ID, tap on your Apple ID and then on View Apple ID. If asked, log in.
  5. Change the Country or Region by selecting Country/Region > Changing Country or Region.
  6. Select the country to which your VPN connection is established.
  7. Acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions.
  8. Choose a payment option that is accepted in your country. If you do not already have one, you may want to get a prepaid debit card for that nation.

Take note that when you move countries, you may lose access to your current store credits and transactions.

Is TikTok a safe app to use?

TikTok, in general, poses comparable dangers to other big social media platforms. Take a look at our in-depth study of the security risks presented by TikTok.

Is it legal to use a VPN to view TikTok from a nation where it is prohibited?

Accessing TikTok is probably not unlawful in nations where it is prohibited. Typically, these prohibitions apply to internet service providers and application shops, not to individual users. Having said that, each nation’s regulations vary, and you should consult your local laws before using TikTok in a prohibited country.

Can I unblock TikTok using a free VPN?

We do not suggest that you use a free VPN. They lack the performance and security of commercial VPNs and provide access to much fewer places. Numerous free VPNs monitor your internet behavior and gather personal information to sell advertisements. They often impose data limitations or bandwidth restrictions, preventing you from accessing TikTok. This is why we suggest either using free trials or opting for a low-cost premium VPN service that prioritizes privacy.

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