The best way to keep your email secure from hackers

Every day, hackers intercept. As a result, many email hacking incidents occur regularly. Hackers believe they have every motive to breach your mailbox.

More crucially, emails continue to serve as a unique identifier for the login credentials for other accounts. This is another reason hackers see it as a high-value target.

Additionally, there are other penalties associated with the owners of stolen email credentials. This is because hackers may ascertain the kind of company they are working for, the services they have subscribed to, and much more. Most password reset procedures are conducted via email.

In general, if a hacker gets access to your email login, they also have access to other critical data.

Email hacking techniques

Each day, email users transmit over 205 billion messages. The majority of them include poetry, recipes, and lessons. This email, on the other hand, may include critical information.

You’re certain to have sent at least one or two emails about your job or personal life. Whichever method you use, you do not want someone spying on your data.

Email hacking is probably simpler than you think. In 2011, a study found that individuals with minimal technical skills may effectively hack emails without supervision via man-in-the-middle attacks. Additionally, it is revealed that they do this with the assistance of an online instruction manual and in under fifteen minutes.

The hacker may gain access to your email in three key ways:

  • By exploiting a weakness in your email’s security and gaining rapid access to your communications.
  • A hacker may gain direct access to your email by brute-forcing your password. However, brute-forcing your email password is dependent on its complexity.
  • You are duped into entering your credentials by the hacker. Perhaps it’s through phishing websites and links that mimic your email’s login page. Others are exempt from this need since they require you to download their dangerous content. This alone is capable of infecting your device with malware and exposing you to attack.

How to ensure email security

You’ll learn how to safeguard your email as an individual or as a business in this section.

Follow the actions outlined below to safeguard your email.

  1. Keeping your email secure

Preventing email hacking may be challenging when a third-party service is used. However, there are certain things you may do to decrease your vulnerability.

  1. Create a strong and unique password

As simple as this is, many individuals still fail to use a safe password. Surprisingly, a large number of people continue to use the term “password” as their password. When you use a weak password, the likelihood of your email being hacked increases significantly.

  1. Encryption of confidential e-mails

While restarting your email and configuring an email encryption program may sound stressful, they are much less stressful than being hacked. Email encryption software is available in a variety of flavors; shop around for the best ones to safeguard your email communications.

  1. Physical access restrictions

Hacking your email is child’s play if the hacker has physical access to your device via the installation of a keylogger. When accessing your email from a location other than your home, use a strong password. Additionally, ensure that you log out of any computer that you use outside of your house.

  1. Avoid using public WiFi in the absence of a VPN

In such instances, it’s worth remembering those who perfected the man-in-the-middle assault for email hacking. To be honest, this is something that is often done on a public WiFi network. By presenting you with a public network, the hacker snoops on your device. At that point, he or she has a record of your every move. When connected to a public WiFi network, you may use a VPN to safeguard your sensitive data from hackers and other snoopers.

  1. Exercise caution while using hyperlinks

Typically, all the hacker needs is for you to click on a bad link and allow malware to be downloaded onto your device. The hacker obtained access to your email using the information obtained by the malware installed on your login device. To avoid such assaults, you should avoid clicking on suspicious emails. Additionally, pay close attention to URL linkages. The majority of assaults use an improper form. Therefore, if you come across anything similar, it is prudent to remove the email from your inbox.

  1. Encrypting your business’s email

In this case, you either manage a business email server or know someone who does. Meanwhile, here are some hacking prevention tips:

  1. Educating your staff and coworkers

Always keep in mind that the human element is the weakest link in any security system. Even if you utilize the most sophisticated email security system available, you may still be hacked if your staff is inept. As a result, people continue to fall for harmful links and phishing assaults, which is another reason to educate them.

  1. Using encryption to protect your connection

Encrypting your connection is a must if you manage your company’s email. Nobody is required to keep a record of your server connection. Without a doubt, a solid VPN takes care of this issue.

Additional techniques include the following:

  • Confirming message senders in your inbox
  • Updating your system software and ensuring you always utilize the most recent version
  • Emails are scanned for dubious content.


To summarize, email cannot be entirely safe. You must always be on the alert and on the lookout for disguised assaults. Nonetheless, the information above improves security, which makes email hacking much more difficult. Additionally, you should use NordVPN to safeguard your critical information from hackers and other snoopers.

NordVPN is a security solution that encrypts and protects your connection. Without a doubt, this tool is quite effective in delivering its functionality. While each package is reasonably priced, it does an excellent job of securing your email and other sensitive information.

Even if hackers attempt to breach your connection, they will eventually regret the time spent on you. Consider signing up for a NordVPN plan now.

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