The best way to watch Animal Planet online outside the USA

Animal Planet content is region-locked and only accessible in the United States. Additionally, you’ll need to check in with your participating television provider to see it.

The good news is that if you’re traveling outside of the United States, you can unblock Animal Planet using a VPN. Additionally, many streaming providers allow you to watch Animal Planet live without a cable TV subscription. Continue reading to learn about the best Animal Planet VPN and how to use them.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, in case you were curious. This encrypts and routes your network traffic across servers located around the globe. Your original IP address is concealed and changed with the servers throughout this procedure. This means that you may connect to a server in the United States to get a US IP address, enabling you to watch Animal Planet live from any location on the planet.

How to watch Animal Planet online from a foreign country using a VPN

Not sure how to unblock Animal Planet when traveling outside the United States? Not to be concerned: We’ll walk you through each step.

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service that unblocks Animal Planet. NordVPN is recommended.
  2. Download and install the Animal Planet app on the device from which you want to view it.
  3. Connect to a US server using the VPN app. You’ll then have a US IP address, which will enable you to access Animal Planet when traveling.
  4. Visit Animal Planet and log in using your cable TV provider’s credentials. The content should be unrestricted. If it’s still blocked, try deleting the cache and cookies from your browser.

Do you not have a cable television subscription in the United States of America? Animal Planet is still available via the following streaming services: AT&T TV ($59.99/month), Hulu + Live TV ($44.99/month), and Philo ($20/month). Notably, although Animal Planet is also available on PlayStation Vue, the program is scheduled to cease operations in January 2020.

Are you curious about how we suggested the top VPN for Animal Planet? Our best VPN recommendation has to fulfill the following important requirements to be considered:

  • Animal Planet unblocks servers in the United States.
  • Consistently fast connections for streaming.
  • Security elements designed to safeguard your privacy.
  • Apps for beginners on PC and mobile.
  • Risk-free trial period with a money-back guarantee.
  • Provides live chat and email help 24 hours a day.

Best VPN for Animal Planet


As proven by its amazing network of over 1,500 US servers, NordVPN is one of the biggest VPN services on the market. These servers are located in over 14 locations around the United States, including Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. Needless to say, this VPN enables you to view Animal Planet in countries other than the United States. Indeed, NordVPN unblocks Netflix, Disney+, and HBO as well. P2P-optimized servers are also available, as are Double VPN servers, which provide an additional layer of online protection.

This VPN company has excellent customer support, which is accessible 24 hours a day through live chat and email. NordVPN supports multiple concurrent connections, allowing you to safeguard all of your devices. NordVPN checks the majority of security boxes. You can browse and stream with confidence thanks to 256-bit AES encryption, DNS and IPv6 leak prevention, and an immediate kill switch. NordVPN, a no-log VPN based in Panama, is not subject to required data-keeping rules.

NordVPN offers client software for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and Android TV. Additionally, browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox are available. For usage with compatible routers, a manual installation is needed.

Can I watch Animal Planet with a free VPN?

While the VPN mentioned above unblocks Animal Planet effectively, we cannot claim the same for the majority of free VPNs. Unfortunately, free VPNs are notorious for their inability to unblock websites. Apart from having difficulty unblocking Animal Planet, the typical free VPN, for example, is unable to unblock Netflix. Worse still, free VPNs have a dearth of servers, and their poor connections cause streaming and torrenting pain.

However, an even more compelling reason to avoid cheap VPNs is their inability to keep you secure online. A good VPN should encrypt your data and safeguard it against leakage. The issue is that a large number of free VPNs simply do not accomplish this. Indeed, many earn money by monitoring and selling your data or by assaulting you with intrusive advertisements. In other words, they are not risky at all!

What programs are available on Animal Planet?

Unsurprisingly, Animal Planet’s primary focus is on animal-themed programs and documentaries. The following are some of the Animal Planet programs presently available:

  • Crikey! It’s the Irwins
  • Amanda to the Rescue
  • Lone Star Law
  • The Aquarium
  • Dodo Heroes
  • The Zoo
  • Extinct or Alive
  • Pit Bulls & Parolees
  • I Was Prey
  • The Secret Life of the Zoo
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