The best way to watch Channel 4 On Demand (All 4) from anywhere

As is the case with many other popular streaming services, All 4 (formerly 4oD) geo-restricts access to its digital On Demand service. Due to this geo-blocking, All 4 content is only available to users in the United Kingdom. Users from outside the United States who try to access All 4 will see the following message: “The service is currently unavailable in your area.”

However, by connecting to a VPN server in a different area, you may fool websites into thinking you are situated someplace else. This circumvents All 4’s geographic limitations, allowing you to watch live channels, recent shows, and on-demand programming regardless of your actual location; ideal for watching Channel 4 while traveling.

How to use a VPN to watch Channel 4 On Demand

Are you new to streaming with a VPN? Unblocking geo-restricted platforms is very straightforward; just follow the instructions below.

  1. Become a member of the VPN provider mentioned below (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. Install the client program. There will be many different versions, so make sure you download the one that corresponds to your operating system.
  3. Establish a connection to a server located in the right country. You’ll use a British server for All 4.
  4. Consider viewing the available content on the Channel 4 website. It should load rapidly with little to no buffering, if any. Please keep in mind that you may need to refresh the page to see any changes.

Which VPN service is the best for viewing All 4?

The first step is to choose an appropriate VPN. Because each service is somewhat different, it’s prudent to analyze your online activities before subscribing to a specific VPN. For instance, some providers place a premium on speed, while others make it easy to implement more complicated security configurations. To identify the best VPN for international access to All 4, we searched for providers that satisfied the following criteria:

  • Capable of unblocking All 4 services and related ones.
  • There are various British servers available.
  • Provides steady connections and has a negligible influence on the speed of your connection.
  • Encryption is powerful, and extra security protections are included.
  • No personally identifying information is logged, or preferably, nothing is logged at all.


Regarding network size, NordVPN is the market leader. This VPN company offers over 5,000 servers in several countries, including around 450 in the United Kingdom. It’s fast enough to stream live HD video from sites such as All 4 and even works with popular services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

This seasoned provider places a premium on security. By default, 256-bit encryption is set, but users may further benefit from DNS/IPv6 leak prevention, an application-specific kill switch, Tor over VPN capability, and the option to utilize several VPNs concurrently. The service does not save any personally identifying information and only takes bitcoin payments, allowing for completely anonymous browsing.

This VPN provider provides client software for Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Windows, and Android. For compatible network routers, NordVPN may be manually installed.

Is it possible to view Channel 4 On Demand with a free VPN?

Although you may be tempted to use a free VPN, we strongly advise against it for various reasons. Despite having a larger user base than premium services, free VPNs often lack the necessary network infrastructure. This implies that you’re more likely to have lengthy buffering delays, stuttering video playback, and potentially even sporadic VPN disconnections. All of these problems contribute to a subpar streaming experience, but when free VPNs are the first to be blocked by big platforms, their usefulness is further diminished.

Finally, examine the security risks posed by free VPNs. In 2016, researchers conducted a review of over 200 free Android VPN applications and discovered that over 40% included some malware. Additionally, several of these alleged VPNs did not encrypt anything at all. Even choosing a well-known provider does not ensure your safety; we’ve already seen a large free VPN support a botnet using its members’ bandwidth.

Regarding internet security, you can never be too cautious. To safeguard yourself, your devices, and your personal information, we suggest that you use a reliable VPN with a well-proven no-logging policy.

Finding the best VPN to watch Channel 4

When it comes to streaming, there are several potential pitfalls. A VPN may lack the necessary bandwidth for continuous play, or it may be unable to connect to your desired service entirely. To ensure that we only suggest a VPN that is a good fit for your requirements, we considered these variables and developed a set of criteria that our best VPN must fulfill. They are as follows:

  • Servers in the UK: All 4 are exclusively accessible in the United Kingdom, so if your VPN does not include British servers, you will be unable to watch. In an ideal world, there would be several options distributed throughout Scotland, England, Wales, and Ireland, providing you with access to the greatest possible selection of local services.
  • Speed and reliability: While any VPN may slow down your connection somewhat, we search for those that do so little. This entails doing frequent VPN speed tests to see which providers perform the best over time.
  • Unblocking capabilities: You may choose to watch other UK channels online. That is why we compare our suggestions with services like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Netflix UK, and Now TV to see which one performs the best.
  • Ease of use: The easier it is to use a service, the better. We look for providers that provide high-quality features such as 24/7 support, streaming-optimized servers, and applications for a variety of devices.
  • Security: VPNs are, at their core, privacy utilities. The service listed above adheres to a no-logs policy, uses 256-bit encryption, features a kill switch, and defends against DNS and IPv6 leaks. Many go further, including proprietary protocols, anti-censorship tools, and tracker-blocking capabilities.
  • Cost: Some services provide less than their competitors yet charge more. Naturally, we propose only reasonably priced VPNs. Additionally, we’ll constantly inform you of any applicable discounts, trials, or money-back guarantees that may help you save money.

How can you register for All 4?

While All 4 is completely free to use, you must first create an account. This is a rather simple process: just go to the registration page and input your email address, password, and birth date. Additionally, you’ll be asked for a UK postcode; the site will use this to locate your home, but no additional verification checks are in place. Indeed, there is no common-sense postcode filtering; it is even feasible to establish an account using the postcode of Buckingham Palace.

You may instantly log in and begin streaming after registering. However, you should be aware that UK legislation requires you to get a TV license to see anything that is shown on television. All 4 did not notify consumers of this before launching the live feed, making it easy to ignore. TV licenses are not required to view on-demand content, in contrast to the BBC iPlayer, which has its own set of requirements.

All 4 FAQs

How can I get Channel 4’s catch-up programming?

Channel 4 is available to watch live and on-demand through the network’s internet streaming platform, All 4. This service is accessible through Android and iOS mobile applications as well as directly via your web browser. However, since many new episodes are only accessible for a brief period after their broadcast, it pays to catch up fast.

Is it possible to watch The Great British Bake Off online?

At the moment, All 4 is offering free access to the first five seasons of The Great British Bake Off. Individual episodes are also available on Amazon Prime Video UK.

Is it against the law to use a VPN for All 4?

No, VPNs are not prohibited in the United Kingdom (or in most other countries). Bear in mind, however, that you will need a valid television license to watch All 4’s live broadcasts. Additionally, you will remain accountable for any crimes committed while connected to the VPN.

Disclaimer: While we have conducted extensive studies on this subject, we are not legal experts. As such, nothing in the preceding paragraph should be construed as legal advice.

What am I able to watch on All 4?

All 4 provides access to hundreds of famous television series, including the following:

  • Hollyoaks
  • Rick and Morty
  • Made in Chelsea
  • Gogglebox
  • Come Dine with Me
  • First Dates
  • The Simpsons
  • Peep Show
  • The Inbetweeners
  • The IT Crowd

How can I download the Channel 4 app if I’m not in the United Kingdom?

The Channel 4 app is only accessible in the United Kingdom and will not be displayed in app stores in other countries. However, there are a few workarounds for this issue. To start, you may try changing your Google Play Store or Apple iTunes region to the United Kingdom, which should allow you to install All 4 normally.

Alternatively, you may be able to locate a website that has the APK file for the Channel 4 app. This may be manually downloaded and installed, but we recommend against it unless you can verify that the downloaded APK is indeed safe. Bear in mind that regardless of the technique you use, you’ll still need a VPN to watch, since the program verifies your location.

Is it possible to view All 4 without being connected to the internet?

To watch All 4 live, you’ll need an internet connection. If you’re watching on an Android or iOS device, you may download episodes of some series for offline viewing. This enables you to see them when traveling without the need for a VPN. Unfortunately, this capability is not currently accessible on Windows or MacOS devices, and without downloading your favorite show, you will be unable to view it without being connected to the internet.

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