The best way to watch Crunchyroll from anywhere with a VPN

Crunchyroll is a popular video streaming service for fans of anime and other East Asian content such as music, dramas, comics, and electronic entertainment. The firm is located in the United States, and although the site is theoretically accessible from anywhere in the globe, geo-restrictions apply to the anime content collection that each user has access to.

Using a VPN in conjunction with Crunchyroll will provide you with access to a far larger selection of titles. For instance, the United States has the largest collection of titles, while some are exclusively accessible in certain nations. While a VPN enables you to view your favorite titles from anywhere, not all VPNs are compatible with Crunchyroll.

Among Crunchyroll’s most popular titles are classics like Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, and Attack on Titan. The firm says that episodes are available online within an hour of their Japanese broadcast.

However, Crunchyroll’s biggest library is located in the United States. Sign up from any location around the globe, activate your VPN, and use the premium service.

A VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, encrypts all communication to and from your device and routes it via an intermediate server located outside of your present location. So, if you’re in Europe, all you need to do is sign up for a VPN and choose a server in the United States to access Crunchyroll’s content. This was accomplished by the VPN granting you a US IP address, giving you the appearance of being in America. Due to the encryption used by a VPN, it makes it very difficult for ISPs, hackers, and government surveillance agencies to monitor your online activity.

Subscribing to and utilizing a VPN is entirely legal. Millions of individuals worldwide enjoy this privilege without violating any laws.

How to get Crunchyroll from any location

Have you never used a virtual private network (VPN) before? Don’t worry; just follow the instructions below to have access to Crunchyroll’s entire library from any location.

  1. Join the VPN service mentioned in this article (we suggest NordVPN) and choose a package that fits your needs.
  2. After that, you may download the applications straight from the site to your phone or PC/Macbook.
  3. Clear your cookies and cache to ensure that no outdated location markers are preserved. Restart your computer or device.
  4. Log into the VPN app and choose a server in the United States.
  5. Allow for the establishment of a connection—this is often signaled by a green light in your taskbar or at the top of your smartphone’s screen.
  6. Open Crunchyroll on your phone or browser as usual.

We’ll walk you through a selection of what we believe are the best VPN that function perfectly with Crunchyroll in this section. They are rated according to the following criteria:

  • Service reliability and speed.
  • Numerous VPN server sites around the United States.
  • Standards of encryption that are robust.
  • Capability of unblocking stuff that has been blocked.
  • Android and iOS applications.
  • Convenience of usage.

Certain VPNs to avoid

When consumers subscribe to a VPN, they implicitly trust the provider to protect their data and privacy rigorously. After all, one of the primary reasons for using a VPN in the first place is to ensure that your digital imprint on the web is mainly disguised.

While the VPN we suggested has no history of unethical behavior, not all businesses are created equal. The following are a handful that we believe you should avoid at all costs:


Israel-based Hola, which offers a peer-to-peer VPN plugin for Chrome, had a significant user base of 50 million users at one point. However, it opted to ruin all of its good work by turning it into a gigantic botnet army unethically (and perhaps illegally).

If you are a Hola subscriber, some of your bandwidth was probably used to launch Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, promote pirated content, or host pornographic content.


A few months back, media sources indicated that a well-known VPN company, PureVPN, voluntarily gave over certain customer data to US law enforcement organizations. This was conducted as part of an investigation into a credible instance of cyber blackmail, which resulted in the arrest of Ryan Lin of Massachusetts.

PureVPN maintains that it did not check the content of Ryan’s browser activity and merely provided the originating IP address, although the business might have been far more open.

FAQs for Crunchyroll VPN

Is it necessary to utilize a free VPN to access Crunchyroll?

Certain customers may be enticed to sign up for a free VPN service. These services are frequently marketed on the web and often do not need a credit card to join up. However, there are certain concerns to be aware of.

Free VPN services often utilize insecure encryption standards, have excruciatingly sluggish connections, and provide a constant concern of virus/malware infection. These businesses seek to recruit as many people as possible to profit from intrusive adverts or other unethical tactics such as data mining.

What else may a VPN be used for?

We wrote this post to demonstrate how easy it is to access Crunchyroll’s full collection from anywhere on the globe, but that is not the only benefit of a premium VPN subscription.

VPNs mask your identity and cause host websites to believe that you are situated elsewhere. When you choose a server in the United States, all websites you visit will now treat you as if you were physically present in that country. This will result in the unblocking of a slew of additional geo-restricted content, including Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, and ESPN.

We also suggest that you utilize a VPN for general online browsing. The program encrypts all traffic that passes through your device—this is critical in today’s world when individual privacy is under attack and governments and ISPs resort to heinous methods to hack into user data. VPNs will significantly mitigate these dangers.

Is Crunchyroll free?

Yes, the majority of Crunchyroll content is available for free! However, it’s worth noting that viewing for free entails lower-quality streaming and advertisements. If you don’t like the sound of that, you may choose from a variety of premium plans. These have several advantages, including no advertisements, unrestricted access to the full Crunchyroll collection, and new episodes one hour after they air in Japan.

Which anime is the greatest on Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll has hundreds of anime series, and determining which is the greatest is subjective. However, some animes are far more popular than others. With this in mind, here is a brief selection of what we believe are Crunchyroll’s top anime:

  • My Hero Academia
  • Naruto
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Fire Force
  • Hunter x Hunter

Will a VPN affect the speed of my Crunchyroll streaming?

Not always! If you use a high-quality premium VPN, it’s doubtful that you’ll notice any change in speed. This is particularly true if your ISP practices bandwidth limiting. The best VPNs have both fast servers and limitless bandwidth. This means you can broadcast indefinitely without experiencing performance concerns such as latency or buffering. Bear in mind that the closer the server is to your location, the quicker the connection is likely to be.

Is it possible to use a VPN to access the premium Crunchyroll subscription?

Apart from the free version (which contains advertisements), Crunchyroll also provides a variety of paid options. Regardless of the subscription option, content is geographically restricted. As a result, it may be unavailable in your area. However, a VPN may be used to unblock Crunchyroll content when traveling. It’s worth noting that a VPN will not instantly unblock a particular membership tier. You will not be able to access a premium Crunchyroll membership unless you currently have one.

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