The best way to watch CW TV online using a VPN

CW TV (also known as The CW Network or just The CW) boasts a wealth of excellent programming, but it is currently only accessible to viewers in the United States. CW TV, like many other streaming providers, employs regional restrictions to prevent international viewing. This implies that if you’re traveling overseas and want to catch up on your favorite programs, you’ll be unable to do so. This geo-restriction, however, may be circumvented by connecting to a Virtual Private Network (VPN). We’ll teach you how to watch CW TV in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and China, among other countries.

Additionally, VPNs provide a lot of advantages. They encrypt your network communications, shielding them from external observers like your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or hackers. This shields you from targeted advertising, prevents your ISP from selling your surfing information to other parties, and helps you to be more anonymous online in general.

The best VPN service for viewing CW TV

It’s critical to remember that each VPN is unique. For example, some are quicker than others, have bigger server networks, or are specialized for streaming in high definition.

Once you’ve selected an appropriate VPN, you can effortlessly configure it and begin viewing The CW online from outside the United States.

  1. To begin with, sign up for a VPN that is compatible with CW; we suggest NordVPN.
  2. Now you may download and install the VPN application.
  3. Following that, establish a connection to one of your VPN’s American servers.
  4. Log on to the CW Network as usual.
  5. Finally, choose a show to watch. You should now be able to watch CW from outside the United States.
  6. If this does not resolve the issue, delete your browser’s cookies and reload the page.

To identify the best VPN for viewing CW TV, we looked for the following characteristics:

  • Rapid transfer rates and reliable connections.
  • Collaborate with CW TV and other streaming platforms.
  • Numerous servers in the United States.
  • Encryption that is strong and extra security features.
  • Non-logging policy.


Our #1 recommendation for a CW VPN is NordVPN. It surpasses all other VPNs in our performance testing, supports up to six concurrent connections, and unblocks a wide variety of platforms, including Netflix and BBC iPlayer. With over 1,700 US servers (all of which are optimized for streaming), you can effortlessly and uninterruptedly watch CW TV.

NordVPN offers a great degree of customization while staying approachable for inexperienced VPN customers. It employs 256-bit encryption, but that’s not all: it also has anti-malware and ad-blocking capabilities, a process-specific kill switch, and the option to use dual VPNs or Tor over VPN. NordVPN does not keep any logs of your surfing or session activity.

This service is available on the Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android platforms. For supported routers, manual setup is necessary.

Can I watch CW TV with a free VPN?

While there are various free VPN services available, we strongly advise against them. These services often have fewer servers than premium VPN services, but they also have a larger user base. This means your connection will be slower and more prone to dropping out—both of which will result in a poor streaming experience. To mitigate this, several free VPNs impose bandwidth limitations and wait times, but these tactics make the VPN less functional.

Additionally, you may wonder how a free VPN can continue to operate. They do not charge for access to their service, which means that these businesses may engage in questionable business activities to make revenue. Whether they insert advertisements into the websites you visit or sell the information contained in your browser to other parties, the end result is that your privacy is jeopardized.

This is not mere conjecture. Previously, we’ve seen free VPNs deceive consumers about the degree to which they monitor data, implant malware on users’ devices, and sell user bandwidth to botnets. To ensure your safety and to avoid this occurring to you, we suggest utilizing a VPN that has a track record of preserving its customers’ privacy.

Can I watch CW TV with a proxy?

If you attempt to visit the CW TV website from outside the United States, it will fail to load and display the notice “Access is forbidden.” However, CW TV’s geo-restriction procedures are somewhat lax.

As such, any method that converts your IP address to an American IP address enables you to watch CW TV. Having said that, there are various reasons to utilize a reliable VPN rather than a web proxy service.

To begin with, proxies do not encrypt your traffic in the same way that VPNs do. This implies that your actions may be identified by your actions. Second, proxies are often rather sluggish, and since HD streaming demands high bandwidth, they are an inadequate substitute for most VPNs. Finally, although most prominent VPN services adhere to rigorous privacy standards, web proxies may not. As is the case with many free VPNs, they have complete control over your browsing history.

What is available on CW TV?

For a free service, CW TV offers an impressive array of programming. We’ve included a list of some of the most popular series on CW TV below:

  • Supernatural
  • The 100
  • Katy Keene
  • Riverdale
  • The Flash
  • iZombie
  • Arrow
  • The Originals
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway?
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