The best way to watch ITV Hub outside the UK for free

Typically, if you attempt to visit ITV Hub from a location outside the United Kingdom, you may see the following error:

“Oops! It looks as if there’s a problem. Please refresh your page or check out our ITV Hub Help.”

This occurs because the service has determined that your IP address does not originate from the United Kingdom. However, by connecting to a British VPN server, you may establish a British IP address and mislead the ITV Hub into allowing you to view it.

Additionally, VPNs increase your online security by encrypting your traffic. This guarantees that anybody who does not have the appropriate decryption key (for example, your internet service provider or employer) cannot see your online activities. You are also not restricted to unblocking the ITV Hub: most VPNs include servers in dozens of countries, allowing you to access region-locked platforms from all over the globe.

How to access ITV Hub from abroad using a VPN

With a VPN, it’s simple to circumvent geographical limitations. To unblock and stream ITV Hub from anywhere on the globe, just follow the instructions below:

  1. To begin with, register for an ITV Hub account. The service is absolutely free to use. However, registration will require you to provide a postal code. This field is not used to determine your location. Therefore, you may insert any British postcode here.
  2. Subscribe to the VPN mentioned below (we particularly recommend NordVPN).
  3. Get and install the VPN app, ensuring that the version you download is the proper one for your device.
  4. Connect to any of the English servers provided by your VPN.
  5. Consider watching the video on ITV Hub. It should begin instantly, but if it does not, the majority of difficulties may be resolved by deleting your browser’s cookies and cache, followed by a page refresh.

If you’re unfamiliar with VPNs, you may be unsure which service is best for you. We suggest selecting a robust, all-purpose VPN to ensure that you are safe regardless of what you want to do online. That is why we have chosen to suggest only a VPN that satisfies all of the following criteria:

  • Can reliably unlock ITV Hub from outside the United Kingdom.
  • Is sufficiently fast to view live HD videos.
  • Utilizes almost uncrackable encryption and contains other security features.
  • Does not keep track of any information that may be used to identify you.
  • Provides applications for the most widely used operating systems and mobile devices.

The best VPN for watching ITV Hub from abroad


NordVPN has over 5,000 servers in several countries, including around 500+ in the United Kingdom. One of the finest features of the service is that it unblocks not just ITV Hub but other notoriously difficult-to-unblock services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Additionally, with consistently fast bandwidth and multiple simultaneous connections, you’re free to watch anything you want, on any device, without buffering or latency.

This service includes 256-bit encryption, protection against DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leaks, an application-specific kill switch, ad filtering, and malware scanning. Additionally, there are dedicated servers for connecting to Tor through a VPN or for using a multi-hop VPN. NordVPN adheres to a strong no-logging policy, which was recently confirmed by its second audit. If you need assistance, you may contact customer care via live chat 24 hours a day.

NordVPN offers client software for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS. However, network routers must be configured manually.

Watch ITV abroad FAQs

Is it possible to utilize ITV Hub with a free VPN?

For various reasons, we highly advise against using a free VPN. To begin with, they often provide very poor connections because they sometimes have fewer servers but more customers than commercial VPNs. This results in a terrible browsing experience and nearly impossible streaming. Additionally, prominent streaming sites sometimes ban free VPNs first, which means that even if you have a fast enough connection, you may still be unable to watch ITV Hub from overseas.

There is no assurance that your free VPN is secure. Indeed, a survey of 280+ free VPN programs discovered that almost 40% included malware. Worse still, 18 percent never utilized any encryption at all, making them as secure as surfing without a VPN. You are not necessarily safer using a well-known provider, since Hola has been known to sell idle user bandwidth to assist in the operation of a botnet.

Using a VPN that prioritizes user privacy and has a track record of upholding customer privacy is the best way to be secure online.

What is available on ITV Hub?

ITV Hub allows you to watch live broadcasts from six stations (ITV, ITV2, ITVBe, ITV3, CITV, and ITV4), so there’s certain to be something of interest. We’ve compiled a list of some of the programs available for free streaming on ITV Hub below:

  1. Love Island
  2. Emmerdale
  3. The Voice Kids
  4. Take Me Out
  5. Coronation Street
  6. The Chase
  7. Dinner Date
  8. Beecham House
  9. Buying and Selling
  10. You’ve Been Framed!

Is it possible to download the ITV Hub app from outside the United Kingdom?

Since the ITV Hub app is only available in the British version of your favorite app store, you will typically be unable to download it from overseas until you alter your store location. There are two workarounds for this: either discover a version hosted elsewhere on the web, which we do not suggest for security reasons, or install the app before leaving the UK.

Is it possible to watch live television via the ITV Hub?

Yes! Users may just log in and watch six ITV stations live for free (including CITV). Additionally, there is a wealth of on-demand video in case you are unable to discover anything fascinating to watch while scrolling through the live feeds.

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