The best way to watch Japanese TV online (with a VPN)

As you’re certainly aware, a large number of websites and services (especially streaming platforms) are restricted to certain areas. This is often done for copyright and licensing purposes. Fortunately, a VPN enables you to disguise your location and view Japanese television from another country.

If you’re curious, a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, encrypts your internet data and passes it via a secure tunnel. This shields your genuine IP address and online activity from others, such as your ISP or hackers. In summary, connecting to a VPN server provides enhanced online privacy and anonymity when accessing the web.

How to use a VPN to access Japanese television from abroad

To view Japanese television episodes while traveling, you’ll need to connect to a VPN server. This is a simple and fast procedure. Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be streaming outside of Japan in no time:

  1. The first step is to sign up for a VPN service with Japanese servers. We suggest NordVPN in particular.
  2. Following that, download and install one of the VPN’s client applications. Ensure that the version you download is the correct one for your operating system.
  3. Connect to a server in Japan using the VPN software to get a Japanese IP address. This enables you to fake your location and watch Japanese television broadcasts from another country.
  4. Navigate to your chosen Japanese streaming platform and choose any geo-restricted video that should now play freely.
  5. If the content remains banned, you should erase the cookies in your browser. Alternatively, you may try another server or contact the customer care of your VPN provider for help.

Which Japanese television channels can I watch for free online?

By connecting to a VPN server in Japan, you’ll be able to watch a variety of Japanese television stations for free from abroad:

  • NHK General TV
  • NHK Educational TV
  • Nippon TV
  • TV Asahi
  • TBS TV
  • TV Tokyo
  • Fuji TV
  • Tokyo MX

Choosing the best VPN for online viewing of Japanese television

While many VPN providers provide servers in Japan, their quality differs significantly depending on variables such as speed and security. We’ve suggested the top VPN for viewing Japanese television outside of Japan by looking for the one that provides the following:

  • Consistently fast connections for streaming.
  • Unblocks channels such as NHK, Nippon Television, and TV Tokyo.
  • Encrypts your data.
  • Does not maintain user identification logs.
  • Customer help is available through live chat and email.
  • Simple-to-use desktop and mobile applications.

The best VPN for Japanese television


NordVPN has a network of over 5,000 servers, including around 80 in Japan. As such, you may use this VPN service to access geo-restricted content from anywhere on the globe. This covers Japanese television stations such as Fuji Television and TBS Television. Along with high-speed Japanese servers, NordVPN offers optimized servers for peer-to-peer file sharing, as well as specially disguised servers for circumventing severe internet restrictions. And, perhaps most importantly, this is the quickest VPN we’ve tried.

You may connect multiple devices simultaneously to NordVPN. Additionally, you’ll have access to live chat and email assistance 24 hours a day. It has been independently verified that NordVPN adheres to a strong no-logs policy. Additionally, your personal information is safeguarded by 256-bit AES encryption. Additionally, you may benefit from DNS and IPv6 leak prevention, an automated kill switch, and Double VPN servers for added security.

NordVPN provides applications for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Android TV. Additionally, there are browser extensions available for Chrome and Firefox. However, for usage with routers, you must follow manual setup instructions.

Is it possible to watch Japanese television from overseas using a free VPN?

While it is feasible to access Japanese television from overseas using a free VPN, it is undoubtedly more difficult. To begin with, the majority of free VPNs simply do not have servers in Japan. Free VPNs that do provide servers in Japan often have an excessive number of users, resulting in high server load and sluggish speeds.

Another issue that a free VPN may encounter is unblocking geo-restricted content. Free VPNs have significant limitations in this area and may not operate with Japanese television providers such as TV Tokyo or US streaming services such as Netflix. Additionally, the typical free VPN lacks capabilities such as live chat assistance and the ability to connect to several devices concurrently.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we do not advocate free VPNs owing to their lack of security. Numerous models lack basic security measures such as encryption and a kill button. Worse, some free VPN providers may bombard you with advertisements or may even record and sell your data to other parties. In general, free VPNs have severe limitations and may even jeopardize your privacy.

Which Japanese content am I able to view using a VPN?

By connecting to a Japanese server, you’ll be able to unblock and view a wide variety of Japanese television series online:

  • Japanology Plus
  • The Professionals
  • Great Gear
  • Journeys in Japan
  • Science View
  • Terrace House
  • Kaseifu no Mita
  • Sazae-san
  • Gaki no Tsukai
  • Doraemon
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