The best way to watch Pornhub privately with a VPN

Despite widespread misconceptions, your internet actions are not private. Not only does the government keep track of your activities, but your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the websites you visit do so as well. The good news is that by connecting to a VPN, you can avoid this kind of monitoring and view Pornhub discreetly.

So what are VPNs? And how do they work? VPNs, in their simplest form, enable you to connect to encrypted servers located around the globe. This not only stops snoopers from knowing which websites you visit but also allows you to change your IP address, making your actions hard to track back to you. If you’re traveling, you may even connect to a server in your home country to use your regular services in locations where they are not normally accessible.

How to safely view Pornhub with a VPN

It’s surprisingly simple to protect yourself from internet monitoring. The following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to view porn discreetly using a VPN.

  1. To start, sign up for the VPN mentioned below (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. After that, download and install the app on your device and log back in.
  3. Connect to a server in your desired country. Although location is irrelevant, you’ll often find that servers located close to each other give the quickest speeds.
  4. Congratulations—you are now secure from snoopers and may surf Pornhub or any other website without fear of your activity being traced back to you.

Are you having trouble picking which VPN to use? It’s understandable since the market may be intimidating, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with computer networking lingo. That is why we have suggested the best VPN for Pornhub. Additionally, to guarantee that we only suggest the best VPN, we require that all of our selections match the following criteria:

  • Consistently prioritize user privacy by refusing to log any individual identifying information.
  • Provides robust security protections, including encryption that is essentially uncrackable.
  • Provides access to a vast network of high-performance servers.
  • Bypasses regional restrictions on a variety of streaming services.
  • Has applications for all main operating systems, so you’re never forced to surf in an unsecured manner.

The best VPN for privately accessing Pornhub


NordVPN has a large network, with over 5,000 servers located in several countries. Additionally, its servers are the quickest in the industry, fast enough to view high-definition videos without experiencing perceptible latency or buffering. As such, it’s an excellent streaming option. Apart from enabling private access to Pornhub, this service enables you to unblock and view Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer from anywhere on the globe.

This VPN places a premium on user security. It contains 256-bit AES encryption, security against WebRTC, IPv6, and DNS leaks, as well as an ad blocker, malware scanning, and a kill switch (that stops sending traffic immediately should you disconnect suddenly). There are also specific obfuscated servers that let you access websites that are restricted in countries like China and the UAE. NordVPN is a no-log service, which means that your online activity cannot be traced back to you. Live chat is accessible 24 hours a day in the event of an emergency.

NordVPN offers client software for MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. Additionally, you may manually install it on some internet routers.

Why can’t I just use a free VPN to access Pornhub?

The truth is, if you’re attempting to use a VPN with Pornhub, you’re probably seeking more privacy. The issue is that utilizing a free VPN is often no more secure than surfing regularly; in fact, a test of more than 200 such providers discovered that almost one-fifth did not utilize any encryption at all. Worse still, there is no way of knowing who operates the site or what they do with your browser data. They may even sell information about your activities to advertisers without your knowledge.

This is not the only concern with free VPNs. They are often incredibly popular, but seldom have enough servers to ensure that all of their customers get adequate speeds. As a result, standard online sites often load very slowly, and streaming becomes practically impossible.

In summary, these services require you to make trade-offs between security and video quality, and so provide no actual value. To ensure your online safety, we highly advise you to use a well-established privacy-first VPN while viewing porn.

Why would I need a VPN in order to visit Pornhub?

There are several reasons why you may choose to utilize a VPN with Pornhub. The most obvious reason is privacy, particularly given that several nations have been flirting with the concept of enacting so-called “porn bans” that would require viewers to produce identification before viewing.

Regional blocking is also quite effective at circumventing VPNs. Pornhub, for example, recently provided a free Pornhub Premium ticket to Italian customers. Although the deal was eventually made accessible worldwide, astute VPN users learned that they could take advantage of it by connecting to an Italian server.

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