The best way to watch RTL XL online from anywhere

If you attempted to access the RTL XL player from a location outside of Holland without using a VPN, you may have seen the following error message:

Oh oh, deze video mag niet afgespeeld worden

Deze video kan helaas niet afgespeeld worden in het land waar je bent

This translates as “Oops, this video is not permitted to be seen. Regrettably, this video cannot be seen in the country in which you are now located.”

The RTL Group employs geo-restrictions to prohibit anybody outside of Holland from viewing RTL XL. This is to ensure compliance with license agreements. The good news is that anybody can use a VPN to circumvent these restrictions and watch Dutch television from abroad.

By connecting to a server in Holland using a VPN for RTL XL, you may get a Dutch IP address. This enables you to watch RTL XL while away on vacation. Additionally, a VPN encrypts your internet traffic, ensuring total online anonymity. This protects your internet activity from being tracked by ISPs, local network administrators, Wi-Fi hotspot providers, and government organizations.

Due to the increased privacy provided by a VPN, you can also unblock RTL XL at work—even if it is blocked! Additionally, the encryption stops hackers from capturing your data when using public Wi-Fi, defeating surveillance capitalism and providing you with a better online experience.

The only restriction is that not all VPNs are compatible with RTL XL. This implies that you must be selective to prevent squandering your money. In this article, we offer a VPN for RTL that genuinely works, as well as explain how to use a VPN to watch RTL XL from overseas.

How to set up a VPN connection for RTL XL

The toughest aspect is locating a VPN provider that offers Dutch IP addresses that are not blacklisted by RTL. Fortunately, our VPN reviews have already done the legwork for you. All you have to do is choose the best VPN for RTL as suggested and follow the instructions below to configure it.

  1. Choose a VPN provider based on our advice. We suggest using NordVPN since it offers fast servers in Holland that are also very secure and capable of unblocking RTL and other streaming services.
  2. On your device, download and install the VPN program.
  3. Connect to a server in the Netherlands by logging into the VPN app.
  4. Access the RTL XL website, log in, and choose the content you want to view.

RTL XL’s geo-restricted content is accessible for free, but membership is required. To get one, connect to your VPN, input an email address, create a password, and log in to begin streaming.

If you have any problems, delete your cookies to prevent RTL from determining your true IP address. Our VPN option includes live chat assistance, so you can always inquire about the streaming capabilities of a particular Dutch server.

We understand that selecting a VPN might be challenging. There are hundreds of VPNs available, and many of them are incredibly deceptive. Numerous VPNs are sluggish and lack the necessary servers to unblock popular services. Some even exaggerate their degree of security and have dubious procedures that allow them to trace their consumers.

To guarantee that we only propose reputable services that provide enough security and make it easy for you to access the service you’re interested in, we utilized the following criteria:

  • Servers in the Netherlands that are not blacklisted by RTL XL.
  • Apps that are fully featured and provide the security measures necessary to maintain your online privacy.
  • A reputable no-logs policy that ensures your internet activities stay private.
  • Servers that are geared for streaming, gaming, and torrenting are fast and reliable.

FAQs about streaming RTL XL abroad

Is it possible to utilize a free VPN with RTL XL?

Although some free VPNs are available, we normally advise against using them. Due to the fact that free VPNs have a small number of servers and a large number of users, they experience near-impossible levels of congestion. As a result, the VPN is rendered ineffective for streaming and other data-intensive operations.

Even if you locate a free VPN with less congestion, it is quite improbable that it will have servers in the Netherlands. Indeed, we were unable to locate a free VPN with servers in Holland that worked with Dutch TV platforms throughout our search.

Apart from being incompatible with streaming due to server congestion, free VPNs restrict users and impose monthly download limitations. This limits your use of the VPN to a modest quantity, which is insufficient for watching TV shows and movies online.

Worse still, it has been discovered that free VPN providers have very dubious privacy practices that enable them to monitor your activity while connected, collect your data, and sell it to other parties. This leads in advertising and the dissemination of your data to marketing firms, data brokers, and other unwelcome third parties.

Additionally, research has shown that free VPNs often exaggerate their degree of safety. They have even been discovered to have malware or weaknesses that allow for data breaches and render the VPN ineffective for privacy reasons. This significantly increases the danger of using free VPNs, which is the primary reason to avoid them.

What content can I watch on RTL XL with a VPN?

Once you’ve connected to a VPN and obtained a Netherlands-based IP address, you may log in and view RTL programming for free. RTL XL broadcasts reruns of recently aired programming from a variety of RTL networks (RTL4, RTL5, RTL7, RTL8, and RTLZ). This contains both Dutch and foreign programs.

We’ve listed a list of current streaming series below:

  • The bold and the beautiful
  • War in the kitchen (USA)
  • Good time bad times
  • RTL Boulevard
  • Jinek
  • Expedition Robinson
  • Buy without looking
  • RTL News

Why is RTL XL blocking me while I’m not in Holland?

RTL, like all other broadcasters with online streaming players, is constrained by the terms of the licensing agreements it signs with copyright holders. This precludes it from streaming its programming elsewhere other than in Holland.

When you visit the RTL XL website, it may recognize your location automatically based on your home IP address. If you leave the Netherlands for a period of time, your IP address becomes invalid since it is no longer situated in the Netherlands.

You may connect to a server in Holland with a VPN. This conceals the fact that you have left Holland. The VPN connection provides you with a Dutch IP address, creating the illusion that you are permitted to access RTL and other Dutch television stations.

Can I use a VPN to watch RTL XL at work or school?

Yes. If you are presently connected to a Wi-Fi network that prohibits RTL traffic, you may simply circumvent these limitations by utilizing a VPN. A VPN enables unrestricted internet access, which means you can watch RTL as if you were at home on your couch.

Most importantly, the anonymity offered by a VPN guarantees that the local network administrator is unaware that you are circumventing network limitations. This means you may watch RTL at work without fear of repercussions.

This makes a VPN an advantageous tool for viewing RTL and other Dutch television streaming providers not just when traveling overseas, but also while staying in the Netherlands.

What else can a VPN for RTL XL be used for?

A VPN is an extremely flexible tool that everyone may utilize to increase their online privacy and independence. We’ve compiled a list of handy things you can accomplish with a VPN below:

While on vacation, watch Dutch television networks such as NPO, Ketnet, Canvas, Eén, Nos, NLZiet, AT5, Videoland, and Ziggo GO.

  • Overcoming internet censorship and geo-restrictions.
  • Avoid government-imposed censorship.
  • Utilize the internet without the websites you visit tracking your activity.
  • Without fear of hacking, use public Wi-Fi.
  • Put an end to ISP spying and data retention mandates.
  • International platforms such as Hulu, iPlayer, Disney+, Youtube TV, and Netflix are accessible.
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