The countries with the fastest internet

Globally, internet speed has increased dramatically during the past decade. ISPs today have sophisticated servers and innovative methods for providing their services as a result of technological advancements. The following is a summary of the countries currently having the world’s fastest internet speeds.

Number 1# South Korea

According to a Tech Worm article, the average internet speed in the country is 29 megabits per second. This number is more than 4.6 times the world average. To illustrate the effect of this speed on internet accessibility, consider that a computer can download a 5,000 Mb HD movie in less than three minutes if the connection is continuous. Surprisingly, just 80% of homes in the nation have access to the internet, and the remaining 20% have limited use.

Number 2# Norway

Norway’s internet speed grew by 68 percent year over year to 21.3 Mbps in 2016. You may post up to five high-quality pictures to social networking sites or any other website in less than a second at this rate.

Number 3# Sweden

Sweden’s average internet speed is projected to be 20.6 megabits per second. In comparison to other countries, internet users in the country seldom suffer delays or outages, as internet service providers are committed to providing consumers with the best possible connections. You can smoothly run several apps that are known to use a large amount of bandwidth. In 2016, internet speed rose by 32%.

Number 4# Hong Kong

In 2013, Hong Kong was rated first in the rankings of nations with the fastest internet speeds. The average speed was 60 Mbps at the time, but has now fallen to 19.9 Mbps.

Number 5# Japan

According to an article on The Mesh News, the average internet speed in Japan is 18.2 Mbps, and it is delivered through high-speed fiber optics to consumers. This speed enables members in the same home or workplace to simultaneously browse numerous websites and use multiple apps without experiencing slowdowns. It’s also worth noting that the internet is accessible to more than 100 million individuals. The launch of 5G is anticipated to boost the speed to 42.2 Mbps.

Internet speed is also expected to improve in other areas of the nation as internet service providers and governments implement new technology. Internet security will become much more critical as more individuals get direct access to high-speed internet.

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