Tips for increasing your internet speed

In today’s digital age, you cannot afford to operate at a snail’s pace. Indeed, internet speed is a major element used by internet service providers to entice customers to buy their products.

Here are some simple, tried-and-true methods for boosting your internet speed.

Ascertain if your laptop is virus-free

According to, the globe is home to more than 100,000 identified computer viruses. By draining resources from your browser, some of these infections may slow down the pace at which your browser accesses different websites. The majority of heavy internet users check their computers daily.

Examine interference within the system

As previously stated on Blog Tyrant, some applications, such as virus scanners, have the potential to slow down internet connections. You can easily detect these applications by shutting down a few of them and doing a speed test. However, you should proceed with care while turning off your antivirus software, since you risk infecting your computer with malware while doing the tests. The majority of specialists suggest switching to another application and leaving the antivirus firewall running while doing the tests.

Are you using any filters?

If your internet is linked directly or indirectly to a phone line carrying one or more telephones, you must verify that your connection has strong filters in place to prevent external disturbances from impairing your internet speed.

Consider adding a plugin to the chord

Having wireless routers distributed around the home is advantageous since you will be able to access the internet from any location in the house. However, wireless internet access is often slower than modems, particularly sophisticated modems. Connect the cord to the modem and your laptop, then check to see if the speed increases. This advice is excellent for someone who does not require frequent movement around the home.

Check external interference

You very certainly have a plethora of electrical gadgets in your flat or home, and many of them may be carefully placed near the model. If this is the case, several of these items may cause an electromagnetic field to interfere with your internet speed. It is suggested to move some of these things away from the modem area to guarantee that their electromagnetic waves do not influence the speed.

These five techniques will significantly improve the way you access the internet.

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