What are the benefits of using a VPN with a Tor browser?

Online privacy and anonymity are critical, and you may already be familiar with how to use a VPN to safeguard your security. How about the Tor browser? Using a VPN and the Tor browser in tandem provides us with the highest level of protection.

What is a Tor browser?

Tor’s official name is The Onion Router, and it, like Onion, attempts to encrypt your data many times.

Tor’s browser interface is identical to that of a standard web browser. It is very simple to use. The most significant distinction is that the Tor browser will connect to the internet through its own network. The Tor browser enables anonymous network access. To conceal your identity and IP address, your traffic will be allocated randomly.

Tor, like VPNs, is a tool for ensuring your privacy. VPNs, on the other hand, use entirely distinct technology. The critical point is that, even though the Tor browser is not a VPN, you may use it in conjunction with a VPN to enhance your online protection.

How can a VPN be used with Tor?

While the Tor browser is a very powerful tool, it does not offer the same degree of protection as a VPN proxy. It makes no difference if you use both simultaneously.

Both Tor and VPN can be used in two distinct ways.

VPN then Tor

This technique requires you to first connect to a VPN before accessing the Tor network. To begin with, open the VPN and then the Tor browser.

For the majority of individuals, this method offers an acceptable level of security and privacy.

Another advantage of this method is that your data is encrypted before accessing Tor through a VPN. Even Tor’s employees will be unaware of your true IP address.

However, this approach has a disadvantage: it does not safeguard you against rogue exit nodes.

Tor then VPN

This technique entails connecting to the Tor network first and then using the VPN. This technique is more involved than the last one since you must set up the VPN settings manually.

The disadvantage is that, although your behavior is concealed, the authorities may still determine that you are using Tor.

By the way, this technique may also be used to conceal the user’s true IP address from VPN providers.


While none of these techniques are perfect, Tor is a very useful tool for protecting your privacy and online security. If you are using the Tor browser, we strongly advise you to utilize a VPN concurrently. Additionally, a VPN may offer great security.

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