What are the best privacy-related tech gifts?

  • NordVPN Subscription: The Season’s Best Gift

Giving NordVPN membership to relatives and friends this holiday season is the ideal all-in-one present.

NordVPN preserves your privacy by encrypting your data with a military-grade AES 256-bit tunnel, which keeps your data safe and secure even while connected to public networks. Its clever kill switch mechanism effectively protects against data leaks in the event of an unintentional disconnect.

Additionally, NordVPN protects your IP address and conceals your location while you browse the web. As a result, you and your privacy-conscious family members may enjoy complete online anonymity from hackers and government spies on the lookout for you.

Additionally, with NordVPN, you and your family members will have limitless access to multimedia content from banned websites, as well as the ability to watch movies through NordVPN’s private dedicated streaming servers.

The best thing about using NordVPN is that it allows you to connect several devices (up to six) to a single subscription, making it the ideal family present this holiday season.

Visit the official NordVPN website to purchase gift plans for yourself and your loved ones.

  • Yubikey

The Yubikey is a reliable two-factor authentication USB stick that guards against account hacking. It is a reliable gadget that requires you to log in with a touch. As a result, you do not need to memorize lengthy and difficult passwords to access your account.

Your loved ones may enjoy the utmost privacy and data security when you give them a Yubikey.

  • Burner phone

A burner phone is an excellent present for prominent loved ones who are anxious about their privacy. A “burner phone” may be an application or a standalone device that generates a temporary phone number for making and receiving calls. The advantage of using a burner phone application or device is that calls made or received cannot be readily traced back to you. As a result, you may give the gift of online anonymity and privacy protection to your loved ones through a burner phone or app.

  • Privacy Screen

Privacy screens are ideal for concealing your phone’s display from others in close proximity. It works effectively to shield your screen contents from the prying eyes of others around you who want to see what you’re doing on your smartphone.

Gifting a privacy screen is an excellent way to provide your loved ones with physical seclusion in a public setting.

  • Encrypted USB flash storage

The encrypted USB storage drive is ideal for privacy-conscious friends and family members due to the military-grade encryption technique used to keep data, documents, photos, and multimedia content private and secure from unwanted access without the appropriate password.

  • Microphone blocker

This season, protect your discussion from eavesdroppers by using a microphone blocker. You may offer your loved ones the presence of a microphone blocker gadget or software to help avoid audio hacking. While it’s impossible to predict who is listening in on your discussion, you and your loved ones may protect themselves from illegal third-party eavesdropping with a mic blocker.

  • USB condom

While the term “USB condom” may not seem pleasant to you, it is a necessary gadget for safeguarding your data while charging your devices through public USB connections.

A USB condom is a kind of USB data blocker that prevents data from being sent between connected devices. USB condoms are critical to securing your data and those of your loved ones, particularly while charging through public USB connections.

  • RFID blocking wallet

While the RFID technology used in credit cards and other chip-enabled cards is a wonderful innovation, it also makes it very simple for hackers to acquire your credit card information without your knowledge.

However, by purchasing an RFID-blocking wallet for yourself and your family, you can ensure that you and your loved ones are protected from illegal third-party scanners or from your loved ones attempting to steal critical information from RFID-enabled chips.

  • Firewall device

Firewalls are excellent for defending IoT devices against privacy and security concerns. They function by safeguarding your network with an integrated antivirus, preventing viruses from infiltrating your home network.

A firewall device is the ideal present for safeguarding your home network against illegal access and infiltration.

  • Cloud-based surveillance camera

Cloud-based cameras (cloud cams) are an extremely useful kind of internet-connected camera that is great for securing your house. You and your family may rest easy knowing that someone is monitoring the safety and security of your house. As a result, a cloud cam is an ideal present for keeping an eye on things during this hectic holiday season.

  • Webcam cover

A webcam cover is a priceless weapon to have in your privacy protection armory during this holiday season. Webcam covers are critical to safeguarding your privacy from prying your eyes on the internet.

Without your agreement, malware hijacks your camera and watches your activity online. A webcam cover safeguards you from spyware that may have hijacked your camera and used it to observe you while it is not in use.

  • Phantom glasses

Phantom sunglasses are stylish anti-facial recognition eyewear that may be used to evade camera monitoring. It’s the ideal present for safeguarding your identity or the identities of privacy-conscious family members and acquaintances in an atmosphere rife with surveillance cameras.

  • Antivirus subscription

A subscription to an antivirus service is a wonderful present for relatives and friends who want to safeguard their devices from malware attacks. It is a well-known fact that the majority of malware is intended to steal personal information from unwary members of the public. As a result, a strong antivirus that is proactive enough to keep bugs and viruses off your gadgets is an excellent present for relatives and friends.

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