What are the hacker’s methods for hiding their IP address?

If the fact that the number of hackers is growing every day wasn’t frightening enough, hackers are now able to conceal their IP address while performing a crime. While hackers use many levels of protection to guarantee their actions stay secret, here are four of the most common methods hackers use to maintain their anonymity. By being aware of these techniques, you may help protect yourself and prevent your computer or other electronic device from being hacked:

They do not run Windows OS.

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts to fix security vulnerabilities every month, Windows (as in the operating system) contains several weaknesses that may enable hackers to infect your devices with spyware. However, due to the ease with which Windows can be accessed, it is also very simple to ascertain the hackers’ personal information. As a result, hackers consistently shun Windows in favor of more secure operating systems such as Whonix, making it far more difficult to identify the hackers.

They are not directly connected to the internet.

VPNs protect internet users’ privacy by establishing an encrypted private tunnel. Thus, hackers who use VPNs may virtually remain anonymous online since their behavior can only be traced back to the VPN server’s IP address, which might be located anywhere.

They do not make use of a legitimate email address.

Hackers will not use their actual email addresses but instead will utilize anonymous email services to avoid being tracked. Combining anonymous email services with VPN access makes determining who sent the stolen email very difficult. Other hackers may use remailers, which enable them to send emails from a legitimate account, but the provider will then route them anonymously. For maximum anonymity, some hackers may even link together several re-mailing services.

They do not make use of Google.

Google is committed to ensuring the safety of its users and expanding advertising possibilities. As a result, Google monitors every action taken by users. This enables them to provide the most relevant advertisements. This may be inconvenient for hackers since their history can be kept. However, there are internet services that allow hackers to access Google without revealing their IP addresses or search history, preserving their anonymity.

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