What causes Netflix libraries to vary from country to country?

You may have noticed that when you travel or relocate to a new country, your Netflix account provides a different selection of movies and TV shows than you are used to. In this post, we’ll discuss why Netflix libraries vary by country and how you may access content from across the globe.

What is copyright?

Developing and producing films and television programs is an expensive endeavor. Studios work diligently to preserve and defend the copyright of their content to avoid granting free access to it for widespread dissemination. Modern copyright rules ban the illegal reproduction of films, and anybody wishing to show a film in a public forum must either get a license or risk a hefty punishment.

Copyright automatically vests artists with ownership of their original work and the ability to sue anybody who uses it without permission or a license. Content licensing protects studio investments in cinema and television and prevents the distribution of original content for free.

Why do Netflix library collections vary by country?

It is critical to understand copyright while considering Netflix libraries. Each country has its own copyright rules, and each culture has its own requirements for content. A film that was a smashing success in India could bomb in Mexico, and Netflix in Mexico would be foolish to spend the money acquiring the rights to that picture. While both Netflix and studios are aware of this, studios will adjust license fees according to the film and region. As a result, Netflix may opt to stock content differently in one country than in another.

Why does the same Netflix account show different content when traveling?

You’re probably asking why, if you established a Netflix account in one country and traveled or relocated to another, the content catalog would be different. The reason for this is that when you join the internet, you are assigned a unique identification known as an IP (Internet Protocol) address depending on your geographic location.

If you are using the same device in a different country, your IP address will be assigned to that country. You may see that some content is restricted in that country, and it will also be restricted on your device, even though it is accessible in your own country. The same is true with Netflix; even though it is the same account, the IP address is based in the country in which you are presently situated, displaying content specific to that country.

How to access various Netflix content regardless of your location

Using a VPN, it’s easy to access Netflix content from a foreign country. With a VPN, you may alter your IP address to that of another country, granting you access to that country’s Netflix. Changing your IP address to a different country “tricks” the website into believing you are physically in that country.

In three easy steps, you may change your IP address:

  • Purchase a NordVPN subscription or begin your free trial if you do not already have an account.
  • After downloading, connect to a VPN server in the country of your choosing with a single click or touch of your finger.
  • When you go into your Netflix account, you’ll see that you now have access to the Netflix collection in the country of your choosing.
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