What if Netflix blocks your VPN access

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services, but using it with VPNs may be a headache. You may have seen the dreaded Netflix proxy error notice and felt irritated since there seemed to be no way to resolve it! It seems as if it has made another statement, and the greatest Netflix is becoming a hot topic these days. You may have come across many posts online discussing current issues in this area.

Naturally, you are asking the same question as a large number of other Netflix customers right now: Has Netflix banned VPNs? The simple answer is no, but they have been running the same campaign for the last six years. The VPN has not been conquered, but it is a continuous war that your VPN providers fight every day to maintain a good level of service and availability.

Why is my VPN incompatible with Netflix?

Have you ever wondered how to use a VPN to watch Netflix? This one is straightforward, and we will explain it further, but first and foremost, you should understand that Netflix is aware that you are using a VPN or proxy to unblock content.

However, how do they know this?

They may employ the same approach as they did when they began banning VPN and proxy services in 2016, which is to block IP addresses connected with these services.

This is essentially a massive array of IP addresses associated with a VPN service. If it detects that you are utilizing one of the website’s specified addresses, it will send you an error message.

How does Netflix assemble this list of IP addresses? Several possible reasons include the following:

  • Numerous login attempts from the same IP address. This is most likely because the VPN is utilizing static rather than dynamic IP addresses. Then check the suspicious IP address to ensure it is associated with a data center.

Netflix may use these automated scripts to determine which IP addresses are associated with a certain data center.

  • Netflix may restrict traffic from VPN-connected data centers. They may collaborate with your ISP to ensure that they get only “legitimate” traffic routes.

Businesses may collaborate with third-party providers for IP address data. For instance, the country of origin, the city, the location, the residential, business, or proxy address, and so forth. MaxMind is an example of this kind of business.

  • Netflix analyzes your browser from time to time to see whether it needs to monitor cookies from various geographic regions. This often entails the use of several VPN servers located in various countries.

There is no way of knowing for certain how Netflix detects VPN use. They are purely speculative since there is no intimate knowledge of how the site operates.

How can I resolve the Netflix proxy error? There are no generally recognized methods; your best option is to choose a reliable VPN service that will ensure you have access to the target area and can guarantee to unblock it.

How can I unblock Netflix using a VPN?

Netflix does not want its customers to watch foreign-language content. The service has agreements in place with a variety of studios and companies about copyright. They restrict the countries in which particular titles are available for streaming. Netflix maintains a database of IP addresses linked to VPNs to identify VPN users. Free and unreliable VPNs share IP addresses among many viewers, indicating to Netflix that an overused IP address is associated with a VPN. If they detect a viewer using a VPN, they will give them the error “You appear to be using an unblocker or proxy.” Many of you are curious about how to watch US Netflix with a VPN, given that it is still the most popular library available, and the solution rests on a mix of a reputable VPN service and its dependability.

Subscription-based VPNs have greater resources available to them to operate high-quality servers. They can easily support a large number of people viewing Netflix. Paid VPNs do not allocate multiple users to a single IP address and often test their servers’ compatibility with Netflix.

The following are some must-have features for your VPN that will allow you to circumvent the proxy error:

  • 24/7 customer assistance — It is critical to have access to customer support when signing up for a VPN service. No piece of software is faultless, and problems may occur even with the finest VPN services.
  • Undetectable servers — As previously stated, Netflix is capable of detecting VPNs that utilize the same IP address for many users. Exclude free services and those provided by businesses with little or no market power.
  • Refund guarantee — Yes, a refund guarantee is also critical with a Netflix VPN. If your new Netflix VPN is unable to overcome the proxy problem, you should be eligible for a refund.

With NordVPN, obtaining a Netflix VPN is as simple as following three simple steps:

  1. Create an account and use this risk-free trial VPN to evaluate it.
  2. Choose your platform and get your VPN application.
  3. Log in using the credentials you provided.
  4. Connect to a server in the United States; we suggest the Los Angeles server.
  5. Watch your favorite Netflix programs in the United States of America.

How to choose the best VPN for Netflix?

Naturally, the connection speed is critical; watching videos online is an approaching pastime, and you will need NIPPY performance to avoid suffering from the hands of the scene, particularly while viewing HD or 4K content. There are many services dedicated to helping you discover an intriguing and fast connection. It is important to be accessible and provide excellent assistance in case you run into difficulties.

When using a VPN, privacy and security are critical, so in addition to having access to your favorite shows, you must ensure that the VPN has strong encryption and fast speeds.

If your primary concern is not security but rather fast streaming, you may always use SmartDNS. It is ideal for unblocking geo-restricted websites and services. If you weigh its advantages and disadvantages against those of proxy servers or VPNs, it is an excellent option. Due to its speed and effectiveness, SmartDNS is essential for unblocking Netflix and other media streaming services.

Bear in mind that if you are searching for a security or privacy solution, a VPN is your best option. These technologies are most effective at safeguarding your internet data and traffic, encrypting your personal information, securing your device while using public WiFi, evading ISP/corporate/government monitoring, and guaranteeing your online anonymity.

Does VPN cause a slowdown in speed? Yes, but you get geo-unblocking and security for your daily activities in exchange.


If you are patient and ready to poke around within your VPN software (and perhaps test more than one), there is a high chance you will be able to discover one that allows you to view Netflix programs and movies in areas where they are banned. Ensure that you test Netflix before purchasing a VPN service and that you contact support if your existing one is functioning poorly.

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