What is Google stalking and how can it be prevented?

Google stalking is the act of an individual or group searching for and using another person’s information or data to harass, intimidate, or cause fear for a variety of reasons. The most common abusive behaviors associated with technology usage include spying on others’ conversations, sending threats, making false charges, identity theft, causing damage to personal data or equipment, soliciting children for sexual reasons, and other kinds of violence.

According to Bustle, Google stalking is becoming more popular these days. Everybody does it, and it does not make you a monster. In this post, we will discuss how to prevent someone from Google stalking you. We live in a century when people’s information and records are available online, whether via social media or an online forum or community, and we’re always compelled to learn as much as possible about everything else online, which is how it all begins.

How to avoid this

What you need to do is avoid using your complete name on any social media or internet accounts. When you create a profile on a social networking site (for example, MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter), an online dating service, or any other website that allows users to post information about themselves, it becomes available to anybody with a computer. Once your data is on the network, it may be accessible to anybody, including strangers, even after you delete it from the site address.

Now that it has occurred, what am I to do?

Your main e-mail address is critical since it serves as the basis for all of your online information. As a result, do not give it to anyone you do not know or trust. Inform anyone who does possess your address that it should not be included in group e-mails.

Utilize social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace sparingly, or avoid them entirely. If you do use them, avoid including any personally identifiable information in your profile. Utilize security tools to restrict access to your profile to recognized friends and colleagues.

Inform your friends that you do not want them to post any photos or information about you on their social networking sites, and if you believe the stalker may have access to your e-mail, create another private account with a user name that contains no personally identifying information.

Ensure that you choose a safe password since stalking may result in a breach. This address should not be used for social networking connections such as Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter. Determine your internet accessibility by searching for your name using a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. It’s beneficial to be aware of information about you that is publicly accessible on the internet. For example, Google and Yahoo may provide links to your contact information.

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