What is the best ad blocker for Twitch?

If you’re tired of being interrupted by advertisements on Twitch, you’re probably seeking a trustworthy ad blocker. Unfortunately, Twitch has upgraded its ad-blocking technology. This implies that most ad blockers will result in a purple screen error notice as seen below.

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If you’re seeing this and you’re already on twitch.tv, please review your third-party tools. Most likely, there is an ad blocker or script running on your browser making it look like you are watching from another site. As we update our service, these third party tools can affect Twitch’s performance.

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The good news is that several ad blockers are compatible with the Twitch website. These ad blockers have discovered a way to circumvent Twitch’s anti-ad block detection mechanisms. This means you may use ad blockers to watch your favorite Twitch broadcasts without being interrupted by advertisements. Our suggestions disable the main page ad carousel, scrolling advertisements, and pre-roll and mid-roll films.

In this post, we’ll offer the best ad blockers for Twitch. Additionally, we’ll reveal the best-kept tricks for preventing advertisements on Twitch. Specifically, that the ideal approach is to use a VPN for Twitch.

Continue reading to learn which ad blockers work best with Twitch and how to obtain the best ad-free experience on Twitch by using a VPN.

Which ad-blockers are the best for Twitch?

There is no better method to prevent advertisements on Twitch than through the use of a VPN. Therefore, if you want the absolute best option, we highly advise you to use a VPN. Our VPN ad blocking technology is so efficient that it has been prohibited from being mentioned on major Twitch streams!

Twitch VPN ad blocker

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a kind of internet privacy technology that masks your IP address from the websites you visit. By connecting to a VPN server located in another nation, you may fool Twitch into assuming you are broadcasting from a foreign location. This is incredibly advantageous since some nations have little to no Twitch advertisements.

By connecting to a VPN server in one of the following countries, you may quickly decrease or eliminate all advertisements on Twitch, allowing you to continue watching your favorite broadcasts uninterrupted:

  • Belarus
  • Czechia
  • Georgia
  • Lithuania
  • Poland
  • Serbia
  • Slovakia
  • Ukraine
  • Mexico
  • Costa Rica
  • Guatemala
  • Panama

We normally advocate connecting to a server in Poland over any of the other locations indicated above. This is because Twitch is fully ad-free in Poland. Having said that, you may get the fastest speeds possible by connecting to a server located in a nation closer to you. Thus, depending on your location on the globe, you may choose to consider one of the options mentioned below.

How to use a VPN to prevent Twitch advertisements

When it comes to eliminating Twitch adverts with a VPN, the most critical factor is to choose a fast provider that allows you to stream in HD quality without buffering. Unfortunately, not all VPNs provide servers that are fast enough to broadcast Twitch, so you must be selective.

To assist you, we’ve listed the three best VPNs for blocking Twitch advertisements below. You can follow our tutorial to quickly configure your VPN and begin blocking Twitch advertisements!

How to use a VPN to prevent Twitch advertisements:

  1. Select the recommended Twitch VPN. We recommend NordVPN because it boasts fast servers in Poland and other Twitch-friendly countries, as well as an integrated ad blocker that filters out adverts at the server level. Alternatively, you may use Surfshark, which is both quick and affordable. Alternatively, ExpressVPN is a superb all-rounder that is suitable for preventing Twitch advertisements.
  2. Subscriptions may be made by visiting the VPN’s website. By clicking on our link, you’ll be able to use our special code to acquire the Twitch ad-block VPN for the lowest price available.
  3. Install the VPN client on your device. Our suggestions include applications for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. This enables you to broadcast on Twitch without being interrupted by advertisements on any device.
  4. Connect to a server location in a country with little or no Twitch advertising.

Once the VPN is connected, you will be able to access Twitch without being interrupted by advertisements. Our top picks, NordVPN and Surfshark, have updated their services to incorporate malware screening. This is a function that prevents advertisements from reaching your device at the VPN server level. This built-in ad-blocking feature provides an additional degree of defense against Twitch advertisements.

The best ad-block extensions for Twitch

If you’re still looking for browser-based ad blockers for Twitch, we’ve got you covered below. Our team of experienced technology reviewers combed the market in search of the top Twitch ad blockers for Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Chrome.

According to our exhaustive research, the ad blockers listed below are the most effective at blocking Twitch adverts. They are not, however, as secure or as effective as a VPN; they may be temperamental; they might stop operating unexpectedly; and they may even capture some sensitive data.

1. Twitch Video Ad-Blocker

This is a well-known Twitch ad-blocker that is available for Chrome and Firefox. It works by substituting advertisements with a low-resolution video feed of the channel you’re currently watching (usually between 1080p and 480p). When the advertisements are complete, the extension disengages and the stream’s quality returns to normal.

This plugin is quite popular since it prevents pre-roll and mid-roll video advertisements. As a consequence, you’ll never have to miss a broadcast from one of your favorite content creators. That stated, this extension is sometimes targeted by Twitch, which means it may not always function properly and may go down while its creators seek to resolve the issue.

The good news is that Video Ad-Block does not have a reputation for engaging in illegal activity such as data collection. Having said that, this is a third-party tool that we cannot endorse 100%. Therefore, if you want to ensure your privacy and online security as well as the ability to filter Twitch ads, we still suggest using a safe VPN with a no-logs policy, such as NordVPN.

2. Purple Advertisement Blocker

Purple Ad-block has long been a Twitch fan favorite owing to its ability to block adverts without triggering the dreaded purple screen error. Chrome and Firefox users may install the extension. Alternatively, you can obtain the source code from Github.

The adblocker works by proxying Twitch playlist files via a server in a region where Twitch does not have advertisements. This enables streams to continue playing uninterrupted. The only thing to keep in mind is that the ad blocker is only available on the official Twitch website.

We appreciate that this extension’s description in the Google Play store makes it very clear that it does not collect any user data. Additionally, it is open source. Having said that, you must believe that it is performing the functions claimed by the creator. Additionally, the creator states that you use these add-ons at your own risk:

“NOTE: The creator of this extension assumes no responsibility for its usage. The user is entirely responsible for the extension’s usage.”

Keeping this in mind, utilizing Purple Ad-block is in no way as secure as using a reputable VPN. Nonetheless, it is a functional ad blocker for Twitch that many users love, and you are welcome to give it a try.


TTV LOL is a plugin that is very effective at preventing Twitch advertisements. As is the case with Purple Ad-Block, it operates by proxifying M3U8 playlist files. This enables uninterrupted Twitch channel streaming, which is exactly what we want!

The extension is so popular and effective that we would have placed it at the top of our list in the past. However, in May 2021, TTV LOL admitted disclosing users’ Twitch IDs and IP addresses. Taking this into consideration caused us to downgrade it to third.

Despite this problem (which, according to the GitHub link above, may still be unresolved), the extension is completely functional and can prevent both pre-roll and mid-roll advertisements. Whether or not to use TTV LOL is entirely up to you. However, if you value your privacy, we would suggest using a reliable VPN instead.

4. TTV AdEraser

TTV AdEraser is a browser plugin that simplifies the process of blocking advertisements on Twitch. To be honest, it may be a little problematic at times, causing the purple error to momentarily appear on screen.

Despite this, it continues to get accolades from Twitch users in the Play Store’s reviews area (as you can see in the image above). As a result, it may still be regarded as an effective method of blocking Twitch advertisements.

The plugin works by embedding Twitch videos. It is compatible with Chrome and Firefox.

5. Twitchls

TwitchIs is a third-party platform that enables you to view Twitch broadcasts on an embedded player without being interrupted by advertisements. The advantage of this open-source program is its simplicity of usage. Additionally, it has no history of data breaches and claims to have captured no user data. This seems to make it an entirely safe method of disabling Twitch advertisements.

Users may log in using their Twitch credentials to access essential services, but the decision to share their personal information with this third party is completely up to them. Bear in mind that this is absolutely unrelated to Twitch.

Twitchls’ sole disadvantage is that it may sometimes cause Twitch broadcasts to buffer. Additionally, it inhibits you from earning Channel Points and participating in Twitch Drops. Having stated that, you may participate in channel talks.

Apart from the aforementioned disadvantages, it is a rather effective alternative for preventing adverts on Twitch. Bear in mind that streams are loaded at a lesser resolution by default, and although you may increase the quality, you may have buffering difficulties.

6. uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is one of the safest and most reliable plugins for blocking Twitch advertisements. It is a powerful script blocking tool that anybody may use to avoid on-page advertisements. Additionally, you may configure a custom code in the app to assist in swiftly cycling between the pre-roll and mid-roll adverts.

The plugin is available for free on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. Most importantly, uBlock Origin is a fully risk-free open source privacy solution that you may use to increase your online privacy and page load speed (in addition to blocking Twitch ads).

To use this extension, just follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the uBlock Origin extension for the browser that you use. You may find it on the uBlock Origin website or by doing a browser extension search.
  2. Install and activate the extension by clicking on it in your browser’s toolbar. After that, power on the large blue power button.
  3. Now, visit Twitch to experience an ad-free experience.

If you’re having trouble blocking Twitch videos with uBlock Origin in its normal form, it’s worth experimenting with custom code to activate notify reload (which compels Twitch to cycle through advertising) or notify-strip (which replaces ads with low-quality stream segments).

These techniques do require you to input some code into uBlock Origin, which is a little more involved than just turning on uBlock and letting it run. That is why we placed this extension last.

However, the code is accessible on GitHub, and all you need to do is put it in the form located in the settings menu under My Filters.

After pasting the code in, click “Apply changes” in the upper left. This should compel the Twitch website to cycle through video commercials more rapidly, significantly reducing your wait time for pre-rolls and mid-roll ads.

(It’s worth mentioning that the code is derived from the pixeltris Twitch adblock solution GitHub repository, which is an excellent resource for learning how to block Twitch advertisements in general.)

FAQs about Twitch’s ad-blocking feature

Is an ad-blocker required for Twitch?

Yes. Twitch viewers in countries such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Germany, among others, are forced to suffer through a bombardment of video advertisements. On rare occasions, consumers have been compelled to view seven or eight consecutive advertisements. This adds to the frustration of using Twitch, which is why so many people are seeking a solution.

If you currently use an ad blocker in your browser, such as Adblock Plus or AdGuard, you may be questioning why you need a separate program for Twitch. Regrettably, many reputable ad-blockers do not block video adverts during Twitch streaming. Rather, the majority of standard ad blockers display a purple error screen. This implies that if you do not want to be disturbed, you must find an alternative.

We have included a variety of alternatives in this guide, which you may use at your own discretion. We highly suggest utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for the most secure and reliable Twitch ad-blocking possible.

A VPN is an internet privacy solution that protects you from online monitoring and allows you to hide Twitch advertisements. Additionally, a VPN enables you to access overseas services such as Netflix US, iPlayer, and Hulu, among others. Additionally, a VPN is an excellent method of circumventing government prohibitions and internet censorship.

Is it possible to use a free VPN to hide advertisements on Twitch?

While there are some free VPNs available, they are not suited for blocking adverts on Twitch. Free VPNs often provide a limited number of server locations and are not accessible in regions where Twitch is ad-free.

Additionally, free VPNs are overloaded and provide a limited number of servers, which slows them down. As a consequence, a free VPN will be ineffective at streaming in high definition without buffering.

Finally, free VPNs often have bandwidth and download restrictions, which means that they will cut you off midstream (even if you find one with a free server in a location without Twitch advertisements).

Apart from these speed concerns, free VPNs compromise your online anonymity. Free VPNs contain intrusive privacy rules that allow for the harvesting of user data for the purpose of profiling.

Additionally, they have been discovered to be unsecure, to have app vulnerabilities, to have leaks, and to include malware inside their applications. As a result, utilizing a free VPN poses a significant danger to your online safety.

What is the purple screen problem on Twitch?

Twitch’s purple error page automatically appears if the Twitch website detects the usage of an ad blocker. The message is intended to convince you to disable your ad blocker in order to continue receiving on-page and mid-stream video adverts. Twitch wants you to see those advertisements because they produce income for the company.

How do I bypass Twitch’s purple error screen?

Regrettably, the great majority of ad blockers now generate the purple error screen. If your present ad blocker is causing the purple error notice, your only alternative is to disable it or locate another ad blocker that is capable of avoiding detection.

Alternatively, you may use a VPN to fake your location to a nation that does not offer adverts — so avoiding the issue entirely without relying on third-party plugins.

Finally, keep in mind that Twitch may sometimes display the purple screen when you attempt to view Twitch channels through a separate website. Therefore, if you are broadcasting a Twitch channel that has been embedded on a third-party website, you may just need to go to the official Twitch site and watch the stream again to clear the purple issue.

Is it necessary to disable my ad blocker in order to use Twitch?

Disabling your ad blocker should enable you to continue using Twitch without seeing the purple error notice. Regrettably, some people have previously reported seeing the purple error page even after using their ad-blocker.

If this occurs for you, the best course of action is to disable your ad-blocker and then restart your browser to see if this addresses the problem. Unfortunately, if this does not work, Twitch’s anti-adblock technology may be so aggressive that you will need to deactivate your specific ad-blocker.

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