What is the best VPN for Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon, the online retailer, made its video streaming debut with the moderately successful Amazon Prime Video (or Prime Video). Amazon Prime Video initially offered its services in just five countries. The United States and the United Kingdom are two of the five countries where Amazon Prime Video was launched.

Currently, the service is accessible in practically every country, save those that are tightly blocked. However, one disadvantage of Amazon Prime Video is the content limitation. The majority of the fantastic and extraordinary content is accessible only in the United States, the United Kingdom, and a few other countries.

However, if you do not live in the United States, the United Kingdom, or one of the few other countries with access to amazing content, you may still enjoy US content by utilizing a VPN service.

Why use a VPN?

Outside of the United States and the United Kingdom, Amazon Prime’s finest series and movies are unavailable. This might be partially explained by government censorship, legal considerations, or copyright rules. Thus, Amazon’s justification for restricting content to the United States and geo-blocking all other users outside the United Kingdom, the United States, and a few other countries is weak.

When a user connects to Amazon Prime Video using a VPN account, his or her IP address is hidden and replaced with one assigned by the VPN server.

When Amazon’s prime video server receives the updated information, it examines the new IP address and obtains the user’s geolocation. If the user connects to a VPN server located in an approved country (the United States of America or the United Kingdom), Amazon’s prime video server believes the user is connected from the United States of America or one of the supported nations. As a result, Amazon Prime Video provides users with complete access to formerly prohibited content.

Aside from unblocking content, VPNs encrypt data. Data sent and received over an internet network using a VPN is securely encrypted, ensuring online privacy and security.

However, not all VPN services are capable of effectively unblocking geo-restrictions. As a result, it’s critical to pick a reputable VPN with a large network of servers dispersed across the globe, allowing you to simply swap between locations.

Choosing the best VPN for Amazon Prime

Choosing an appropriate VPN for Amazon Prime Video is a time-consuming and costly process. It entails evaluating each VPN separately and picking the one that performs the best. If this is your chosen choice, here are some characteristics of a quality VPN provider to look for.

  • Excellent velocity

VPN speed is critical in assessing its quality. Using Fast VPN should be a top priority since it enables you to make use of other VPN capabilities.

  • Countless servers

This is a critical component if the main objective is to unblock Amazon Prime. A fast VPN with a large number of servers in the United States and the United Kingdom will enable you to access geo-restricted content without difficulty.

  • Encryption security

This is a feature that almost every VPN implements. Premium VPN services secure your data using the military-grade AES-256 bit encryption standard.

  • No logs are kept policy

One critical reason to use a VPN is to protect one’s private information. What if the VPN provider is the one who is selling the data? Very, very poor. To prevent this, the terms and conditions of a VPN service must have a ‘no log policy,’ which ensures the VPN does not retain a track of your actions.

  • Technical assistance

There should be support staff available in the event that a user has an issue while utilizing the VPN service. Thus, it would be prudent to buy VPN providers that offer responsive technical assistance that works the majority of the time and also offers a quality user experience.

The best VPN for Amazon Prime

Manually testing all VPNs may not be a prudent course of action. Based on our experience with many VPN services, we offer NordVPN as our top recommendation since it meets all of the above requirements and streams geo-restricted video from Amazon Prime at lightning speed.

NordVPN is an exceptional VPN service that flawlessly unblocks geo-restrictions. It is a privacy-focused VPN service that protects customers’ data using a military-grade encryption system.

To dispel any worries, I’ve chosen to highlight many of NordVPN’s most notable features.

  • Encryption

NordVPN uses industry-standard AES-256-bit and OpenVPN encryption protocols to encrypt any data passing through its servers. Hackers have no chance with them.

  • Unblocking of content

Its multiple servers allow users to easily access geo-restricted content from any location on the planet.

  • Compatibility

NordVPN is compatible with all major operating systems, including Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

  • Multiple devices, a single account

A single NordVPN subscription is sufficient to access NordVPN’s services on up to six devices. As a result, you won’t need to bother about setting up separate subscriptions for additional devices.

  • Price

NordVPN is really affordable. NordVPN costs only $11.99 per month for all of its features. The annual membership plan is $58.99, while the two-year option is $78.99.

Why aren’t there any free VPNs?

There are several enticing advertisements for free VPNs that you may want to explore. However, it is recommended that you avoid using a free VPN to access Amazon Prime video services for the following reasons:

  • Numerous free VPNs are unable to access geo-restricted content due to a lack of servers in supported regions.
  • Additionally, free VPNs are often connected with disclosing users’ personal information to advertising in return for monetary compensation.
  • Additionally, free VPNs slow down internet connections owing to increased demand for limited bandwidth and server capacity.
  • Occasionally, streaming becomes difficult, and the user is exposed to dangerous advertisements offered by the free VPN provider.


A VPN is the optimal method for unblocking your favorite Amazon Prime video series when traveling outside of the United States and the United Kingdom.

This is achievable, however, only with a basic or premium VPN service. NordVPN is our preferred VPN service for accessing geo-restricted Amazon Prime Video content.

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