What is the best VPN for watching Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video boasts a vast collection of episodes and movies, but many of them are region-or country-restricted. Common methods of circumventing these regional limits and accessing the expanded worldwide Amazon Prime library include VPNs. When traveling overseas, a VPN enables you to view programs from other countries’ libraries or connect to your home version of Amazon Prime. Using the correct VPN in conjunction with Amazon Prime Video enables you to access a greater selection of movies and series that are not available in your location.

Regrettably, Amazon Prime is quite efficient at preventing VPNs, with just a handful of companies successfully circumventing the prohibition. In this roundup of the best VPN for Amazon Prime Video, we’ll highlight the one that remains functional.

Additionally, we’ll demonstrate how to utilize a VPN to view Amazon Prime Video and expose VPNs that don’t function.

PRO TIP: Avoid free VPNs for Amazon Prime. We have not yet discovered one that Amazon does not ban.

How to use a VPN to unblock Amazon Prime Video

After signing up for the VPN mentioned, follow these steps to unblock the Prime Video collection.

  1. Install the VPN app on your smartphone. NordVPN is recommended.
  2. Start the app and choose a VPN server in the United States. Not all servers will function, and if they are not identified, you may need to check your provider’s website or customer service to determine which server to connect to.
  3. Connect to your VPN by clicking the Connect button.
  4. Once the connection is established, launch the Amazon Prime video you want to watch. It should now be accessible!

Take note that Amazon’s approach to video access for Prime members is a little perplexing. You may browse and watch TV series and movies on the main Amazon website or primevideo.com. We have greater results with Amazon, but if one does not work with your VPN, try the other.

Streaming Amazon Prime Video in the United States from afar

Each Amazon Prime membership includes a subscription to Amazon Prime Video. The popularity of the largest e-commerce corporation in the United States translates into a sizable audience for its premium video streaming service.

Regrettably, most of Prime Video’s most popular content is only accessible in the United States. If you’re traveling outside the US, you’ll need to fool Amazon into believing you’re on US territory to unlock it; otherwise, you’ll get error 4601:

This is where a VPN, or virtual private network, enters the picture. A VPN encrypts all of your internet traffic and passes it via a middleman server located in the region of your choice. In this scenario, the location would be someplace in the United States, allowing you to view Amazon Prime Video from overseas. A VPN enables you to watch Amazon Prime and Instant Video from outside the United States on a Windows PC, a Mac OSX computer, an iPhone, an iPad, an Android device, or a Linux computer. Additionally, we suggest that all VPNs provide unlimited bandwidth, which means there is no limit to how much Amazon Prime content you can view.

Previously, Amazon took a pass on VPN users. Most VPNs have US-based servers that would enable users to circumvent geographic limitations. This is no longer the case, and as of our latest testing, Amazon’s firewall has become tougher, and trying to stream using a blacklisted VPN results in a proxy error 1042:

Nonetheless, a few VPNs can circumvent Amazon’s VPN block. We will continually monitor these VPNs since Amazon continues to prohibit new VPNs. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best VPNs for Amazon Prime Video outside the United States based on a rigorous testing approach detailed in the way we evaluate VPNs section.

Best VPN for Amazon Prime Video


NordVPN maintains a small number of Amazon Prime-optimized streaming servers. To understand which servers to use, you may either contact live chat support or check the official knowledge base. Users of the Kindle Fire HD will need to download the Android APK from a third-party source since the Android app is not accessible via Amazon’s app store.

NordVPN protects your privacy by using powerful encryption and adhering to a real zero-logs policy. Download speeds are quicker than those of any other major VPN, ensuring that you can view all of your favorite shows in the finest quality possible. With a single subscription, you may connect up to six streaming devices simultaneously and utilize any of them to catch up on The Boys.

Apps for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Linux, and Android are available.

The method through which we evaluate VPNs for Amazon Prime

As part of our product research, we expose VPNs to a range of tests. To determine the best VPN for watching Amazon Prime, we needed to establish criteria for evaluating them. All streaming requires a secure and fast VPN connection with US servers and a user-friendly interface. To do so, we’re going to assess each VPN using the following criteria:

  • Overcoming Amazon Prime VPN restrictions: Of course, the primary feature we seek in an Amazon Prime VPN is the ability to view the streaming service’s content when traveling.
  • Fast connection speeds: it’s critical to have a fast connection while streaming on Amazon Prime to prevent bothersome buffering. Additionally, your VPN should constantly provide consistent and dependable speeds to provide a seamless viewing experience.
  • DNS leak prevention: it’s critical to ensure that any VPN service you choose can provide you with online anonymity and safety.
  • Numerous VPN servers in the United States: Because Amazon Prime provides the greatest library to subscribers in the United States, Americans traveling abroad rely on US servers to access their content from back home.
  • Available on several platforms: Because many Amazon customers access content through their Kindle Fire tablets, Amazon Fire Stick, or Amazon Fire TV, all of the VPNs on our list are compatible with a broad variety of devices.
  • Prioritize user privacy: Any VPN service must adhere to strict privacy regulations in order to safeguard its customers’ online activity.

Learn more about our VPN testing and rating methods in our comprehensive VPN analysis approach.

Amazon Instant Video vs. Amazon Prime Video: Which is better?

It’s important to note that Amazon Prime Video is distinct from Amazon Instant Video. Amazon Prime Video is a subscription-based streaming service that is included with an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Instant Video is a pay-per-view video-on-demand service that allows customers to purchase or rent television series and movies. You do not need an Amazon Prime membership to purchase or rent Instant Video. However, having one may entitle you to an additional discount.

A VPN connection is not required to purchase Amazon Instant Video, however, rates may vary by country.

How to configure a VPN connection on an Amazon Fire TV stick

Update: All of the VPNs we suggest now have dedicated Amazon Fire TV applications. You may locate them by searching from your Firestick or Fire Cube’s home screen.

Amazon Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks from the second generation or later do allow VPN applications, but you’ll need to sideload them since none are accessible via the normal Amazon app store. This is not a tough procedure, but it is not as simple as just downloading an app from Google Play. Our post on how to set up a VPN on an Amazon Fire TV stick can be found here.

The first-generation Amazon Fire TV stick does not have built-in VPN capability, and you cannot install VPN software on it without rooting it. If you want to stream Amazon Prime Video content on a Fire TV stick from outside the United States, you’ll need to configure your VPN on your router.

You may create a virtual router on your laptop, which turns it into a wifi hotspot comparable to smartphone tethering. Then, on your laptop, switch on the VPN and connect the Fire TV to it. We offer instructions for both Windows and MacOS on how to achieve this.

Alternatively, you may configure a VPN on your home wifi network directly. Thus, all devices connected to your WiFi network will be linked to a VPN. This procedure differs according to the router firmware version.

Instructions for configuring a Fire TV with a VPN may be found here. Although this article is geared toward Netflix, the same principles apply to Amazon Prime Video. This method also works if you’re interested in learning how to stream Amazon Prime video content on any other Android-powered device, such as a Roku, Chromecast, or smart TV.

FAQs about Amazon Prime VPN

Is Amazon Prime Video capable of detecting my VPN?

If Amazon discovers that you’re streaming Prime Video using a VPN, you’ll get an error warning concerning proxies (see above) and will be unable to view. If your VPN is not recognized, you should be able to stream normally without seeing an error notice.

Is it legal to watch Amazon Prime Video from outside the United States?

Yes, streaming Amazon Prime Video from a place where it is not typically accessible is legal. It is not illegal, but it violates Amazon’s terms of service, which stipulates that “you may not use any device or method to mask or alter your location.”

Having said that, there is no precedent for Amazon to punish consumers who use VPNs, other than limiting access to Prime content.

Does Amazon Prime Video work with these VPNs in other countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia?

We only test VPNs against the US version of Prime Video. They may or may not work with other nations’ versions of Prime Video, but you’ll have to check this for yourself. Fortunately, all of the VPNs we offer provide money-back guarantees, so you have nothing to lose if the one you pick does not work. We’ve created a separate guide on how to change the country of your Amazon Prime subscription.

Which countries offer Amazon Prime Video?

Prime Video may be available as a stand-alone streaming service or as part of the Prime shopping membership program, depending on your location.

Prime is offered in the following countries: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

Prime Video is accessible as a stand-alone service in almost every other nation. The cost and availability of TV series, films, and Prime Music vary by country.

Prime’s inventory of streaming entertainment is the greatest in the United States.

Which free VPNs are compatible with Amazon Prime Video?

None of the free VPN services we tested were compatible with Amazon Prime Video. Paid VPN providers devote significant resources to circumventing VPN limitations, with just a limited number successfully circumventing Amazon’s VPN prohibition.

What is the minimum internet speed necessary to watch HD video on Amazon Prime Video?

You must have at least 5 Mbps of available bandwidth to view Amazon Prime Video in HD quality without buffering.

Here is a summary of video quality and the associated internet speed requirements:

  • 900 Kbps is a low-quality setting (bare minimum)
  • 3 megabits per second for standard definition (480p)
  • 4 megabits per second for high definition (720p)
  • 5 megabits per second for full high definition (1080p)
  • 15 Mbps for ultra-high quality 4K HDR (2160p)

Will using a VPN have an effect on the quality of Amazon Prime Video streaming?

All VPNs impose some degree of latency on your internet connection owing to the additional time required to route streams via the VPN server and decrypt data as it arrives on your device. Having said that, the majority of people will detect no difference and there will be no decrease in video quality.

We suggest using a VPN that satisfies the standards for HD 1080p streaming, most of which are capable of handling 4K streaming without buffering. Your performance may vary depending on a variety of circumstances, but if you notice a drop in quality, consider connecting to a different VPN server.

Can you modify the quality of Amazon Prime streaming?

It is device-dependent. You may modify the video quality on Amazon Prime whether you’re using a desktop web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge), an iOS or Android mobile app, or an Amazon Fire TV Stick. You may pick between Good, Better, or Best in the settings option.

If you’re watching Amazon Prime Video on a smart TV or another non-Amazon set-top streaming device, the video quality option may be unavailable.

How can I prevent my internet service provider from slowing Amazon Prime Video?

If you suspect your internet service provider is slowing Amazon Prime Video in particular, a VPN may be able to assist. Because a VPN encrypts your internet connection and routes data via a VPN server, your ISP has no clue you’re viewing Prime Video at all. Your ISP cannot discriminate against a specific kind or source of data when you use a VPN.

However, a VPN is beneficial only if your ISP is selectively throttling a certain kind of data or access to a particular site. If you’ve exceeded your monthly data allowance and all traffic is being throttled, a VPN will be ineffective.

Is Amazon Echo compatible with a VPN?

No, Amazon Echo does not allow VPN applications and does not have built-in manual settings assistance. To connect your Echo to a VPN, you must first configure the VPN on a wireless router and then connect the Echo to it. More information on how to configure a VPN on a router may be found here.

Is Amazon Prime Video subscription available internationally?

Yes, Prime Video is accessible in over 200 countries globally. China, Iran, North Korea, and Syria do not have access to it.

Take note that Prime’s inventory of programs varies in each country. You may not be able to watch the same programs as you do at home in another nation. Certain nations are limited to Amazon Originals and have no access to third-party content. Utilize a VPN to get access to another country’s television and film libraries.

Is it possible to unblock Amazon Prime on my mobile device?

Yes, you may unblock Amazon Prime on a smartphone or tablet by using a VPN. We suggest that all VPNs have mobile applications for Android and iOS.

However, not all VPNs that function on the Prime Video desktop website will work on the Prime Video mobile app.

We do not usually test VPNs against Amazon’s mobile app, so we recommend signing up for one that works on PC and using the 30-day money-back guarantee if it does not function on iPhone or Android.

Will Amazon terminate my account if I use a VPN?

While on vacation, using a VPN to access your Amazon account is unlikely to result in your account being restricted. Having said that, using a VPN technically violates the terms of service, and as such, you use a VPN at your own risk.

VPNs are used by people all across the globe to connect to their home Prime account while abroad. They will do this to place orders that will be ready for them when they get home. Or access the Prime Video collection in their local country.

In general, you should have no problems using a VPN to access your Amazon account, especially if you choose the safe Amazon VPN recommended in this tutorial. Regardless, we urge you to review Amazon’s terms of service to ensure that you are completely informed of any possible dangers.

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