What is the best way to update apps safely?

Are you aware that software updates are critical? We’ll teach you how to update applications securely in this article.

You just upgraded your application and the only difference you noticed was a decrease in your data balance, or if you are still unaware of the critical nature of app updates.

Applications (apps) are a necessary component of every gadget. Without applications, phones and computers would be nothing more than inert displays.

Having an app installed on your smartphone is insufficient; having the app updated at all times ensures optimal happiness and security.

Why is it necessary to update applications?

Apps are updated for a variety of reasons, the majority of which end users are unaware of. However, app upgrades add to a device’s overall health. The following are the primary reasons why an application should constantly be updated.

  1. Safety

One of the primary reasons applications are updated is for security purposes. App updates help keep your device secure and ensure that your personal information is not compromised.

Occasionally, applications may become exposed to attack. Hackers may discover a loophole that they might use to cause havoc with the gadget. Hackers may gain access to the device and the user’s personal and financial information.

To address this, developers are working tirelessly to uncover and close these gaps in future versions of the program. And what role do you play? To get a security update, you must upgrade your app.

A WhatsApp assault is an example of this, in which animated GIFs are sent to a person in order to attack them. WhatsApp rapidly rectified the situation and sent an update to subscribers.

  1. Corrections of bugs

Occasionally, an app may have an issue. This is identified when a large number of people report the same issue with the same application.

Developers are always on the lookout for problem reports and are working to resolve them. When an issue is resolved, the developers often release an update.

Therefore, if an unexpected issue occurs when using an app, the user should ensure that the program is updated to the latest version. Otherwise, the application needs to be updated. If, however, it is the most recent version, the problem should be notified and a new version of the software expected.

  1. Additional features

Another critical reason for app updates is to take advantage of new features. A software update adds functionality. New features make the app more enjoyable to use, and increased security is also included!

Instagram began as simple software with filters and basic modification options. Instagram, on the other hand, has added hundreds of new features throughout the years. Instagram stories and the option to post numerous images at once were not included in the early design of the platform.

Every other piece of software, too, gains new functionality with each update. Games may be enhanced with additional levels, and online media applications can be made more secure.

Now that you understand why your applications need to be updated, it’s critical to learn how to do it properly and without installing any malware on your smartphone.

How to update your applications in a secure manner

It’s so easy to update an app; you simply need a few taps or none at all, and your applications are all updated.

While the steps for upgrading applications vary per operating system, the procedures for updating Android and iOS apps securely are outlined below.


Automating app updates to the latest iOS versions is not a time-consuming operation. By default, applications and games downloaded from the App Store are updated automatically and without notification.

This feature, however, may be disabled, requiring you to manually update all of your applications. Manual updates may be time-consuming, but they are necessary if you are concerned about downloading malware.

To update your iOS device’s applications manually, follow these steps:

  • Ascertain that you are logged in with your Apple ID.
  • Navigate to the App Store.
  • Then, at the bottom of the screen, touch the “Today” option.
  • At the top right, tap your profile and scroll down. You’ll see that some applications are in need of an update. You may update your individual apps by tapping Update next to them. Additionally, you may pick Update All to update all outstanding updates for all applications.

That is all. You can fully appreciate the benefits of your upgrade with a quicker, smoother application.

Additionally, you may disable automatic updates on current versions of iOS, since they are built to do so.

To disable automatic updates on your iOS device, do the following steps:

  • Select your profile information from the options menu.
  • “iTunes and App Store” should be selected. When you reach this page, you’ll see a button that allows you to change between manual and automated updates.

You have successfully disabled auto-updates for your iOS applications.


Google Play, Google’s official software store, is a tad more stringent about program upgrades. If they identify an update that is capable of resolving a significant security issue, they enforce it and upgrade the app immediately, disregarding any privacy or automatic update settings.

You may, however, continue to enable automatic updates through the Play Store. This may be accomplished simply by opening the settings menu in Google Play. In order to do this,

  • From the menu, choose Google Play settings.
  • Choose Auto-Update applications.
  • Additionally, you may choose whether to update applications using mobile data or WiFi.

This concludes our discussion on auto-updates for Android applications.

You may also manually update your Android app; here’s how:

  • On your smartphone, launch Google Play.
  • Select “My Apps and Games” from the menu. If an update is available for the game, it will be indicated by the word “Update.”
  • Simply tap “Update” and you’re finished.

Bottom line

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