Which VPN is best for protecting internet privacy in Mexico?

Mexico is an appealing place around the globe, and many travelers opt to stay in an apartment there. Mexicans, too, have a tendency to travel. The most notable element is that 45 percent of the Mexican population, or over 55 million individuals, utilize the internet. It continues to grow daily, and the Mexican government has imposed various limits on internet use. Government searches, data retention, and website limitations are all instances of this. The Mexican government claims that this is necessary for the country’s national security, yet it also restricts citizens’ freedom to use the internet freely. Today, we’re going to discuss the best VPN for Mexico, which will allow you to bypass such limitations and browse the internet freely.

For the reasons stated before, you must use a VPN in Mexico, and it is vital to preserve your privacy regardless of where you are.

If the traffic on your data connection is encrypted with 256-bit AES and tunneled over a secure VPN, even your ISP cannot compromise your privacy. As a result, you are unquestionably protected in Mexico.

Additionally, if you are a Mexican who goes to another country, you will need a VPN to access Netflix Mexico, local channels such as Televisia, Canal 5, and Azteca 7, as well as online banking.

Are you aware that the Mexican government has enacted legislation authorizing it to investigate personal data at any time?

The Mexican government may gather personal and descriptive data on any individual under the 2014 internet surveillance legislation, which poses a significant danger to tourists and residents alike. Not only that, the Mexican government does not censor or prohibit internet content; in fact, many websites and streaming services, including US providers like Netflix and YouTube, have geo-restricted access.

What are the critical elements of a VPN that is suitable for usage in Mexico?

Though Mexico is not an internet-restricted nation, recent online monitoring legislation has eroded the privacy of Mexican citizens and tourists. Due to the fact that the 2014 telecom renewal legislation retains descriptive and exploratory data, there have been inconsistencies.

If your privacy is a priority while connected to the internet in Mexico, you must utilize a VPN that employs strong encryption and advanced security measures to shield you from ISP monitoring as well as a zero-logging policy. Even if the government requires the ISP to supply them with user information, they will not have any user records. Only then will you be completely secure. When choosing a VPN provider, you must exercise caution since many lack these capabilities. However, we propose NordVPN as the best VPN for you since it can safeguard you when browsing the internet.

Additionally, there are several critical factors to consider.

  • Without difficulty, unblock geo-restricted streaming services
  • Rapidly deployable and dependable solution with low to no downtime
  • Utilizes rigorous encryption standards to ensure that your location is always concealed.
  • Outstanding client service
  • Assist with key platforms
  • Providers that do not maintain logs

Mexico’s telecommunications law

As previously stated, the telecommunications legislation was established in 2014. The legislation deregulated telecommunications and laid forth a plan for the country’s cable backbone growth.

Unfaithfully, as the internet boomed in Mexico, telecommunications legislation imposed duties on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and mobile network users to maintain records of their actions. The days of Internet freedom are dwindling in Mexico, since the government has been allowed to delay the implementation of regulations for up to two years.

The primary motivation for enacting this regulation was to provide information to aid in the battle against drug and weapon traffickers.

Why should I use a VPN in Mexico?

Here, we address both forbidden and non-banned content in Mexico, as well as the legal ramifications and criminal penalties that may apply if you are found accessing banned content.

Governmental surveillance is required immediately

After the Mexican government was discovered to be utilizing spying software to keep data on select internet users, it brought up a slew of serious issues relating to illegal observation operations.

There have been over 20 instances of espionage against journalists, human rights activists, attorneys, and politicians. It is estimated that the government spent at least $80 million for the program.

Restricted content

The Mexican government is unaware that the nation has deliberately censored or filtered internet information as well as prohibited social networks and messaging applications. Internationally attentive blog services are also available in Mexico. However, when the “My Music” website was shut down in 2017 for violating copyright laws, the highest court ruled that shutting down an entire website is unconstitutional.


Mexico has granted a permission for Voice Over IP (VOIP) services, and consumers should be aware that this service, like other internet services, may encounter security issues.

Liberation of social media

Between 2016 and 2017, the government escalated its demands of social media groups for user information. However, several social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Twitter are also popular in Mexico.

Legality of VPNs

There is no limitation against using a VPN in Mexico, therefore it is beneficial to assist VPN users.


It is not updated for torrenting or illegally downloading copyrighted stuff.

Websites for streaming

There are internationally renowned streaming sites in Mexico, such as YouTube, which is a high-quality streaming service. Netflix is also available in Mexico, however the programming is different than in other countries due to licensing requirements.

Viewers of Hulu and BBC iPlayer are well aware that their services are unavailable in Mexico unless they utilize a VPN.

VPN for Mexico: Summary

If you are a permanent resident or a visitor in Mexico, you may satisfy all your internet demands by using a VPN service. VPN usage is not forbidden in Mexico. If you use a VPN provider with a zero-logging policy, your internet connections will remain anonymous.

To do this, you must use the best VPN, and as previously said, we propose NordVPN as the best VPN for you since it offers 100 percent protection. It is preferable to choose NordVPN as your VPN partner immediately and browse the internet freely.

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