Which VPN location is best for watching Netflix?

Netflix has become an increasingly important aspect of people’s lives over the past several years. Rather than watching television or renting a film, many instead watch Netflix. However, owing to licensing and copyright problems, not everything is accessible on Netflix, since they are required to pay for each movie or program they display, as well as for each area in which they want to broadcast the content. This implies that if you live in the United States of America, you will choose movies and television shows from a different database than if you live in the United Kingdom.

As a result, many individuals use a VPN to access Netflix, which enables them to view movies that would not be accessible to them otherwise or in their area.


Due to Netflix’s region-locking policy, you may be unable to view anything you want. This is why a VPN is necessary. The last remaining question is “What location should I choose?” Let us address that.

Certain areas contain content that is not available elsewhere. For instance, if you were to view Netflix in Europe, you would discover a greater selection of European films and television programs than if you were in the United States of America. Another compelling reason to use a VPN to access Netflix.

Netflix has the largest user base in the United States, with 40+ million subscribers out of a total of 75+ million, which is amazing given that Netflix is accessible in 130+ countries. The United Kingdom has the second-highest number of users, but it is not as high as the United States. Now let’s discuss the availability of films and television shows.

There are currently over 10,000 performances worldwide, but not all of them are accessible in your area. The following are the top five places with the most content accessible to residents:

1 – United States of America: 5761+ Movies and TV Shows Available

2 – Argentina: 3616+ Films and Television Shows

3 – Brazil: 3586+ Films and Television Shows

4 – Mexico: 3584+ Films and Television Shows

5 – Colombia: 3559+ Films and Television Shows

As you can see, even though the UK has the second-largest number of users, it does not offer the greatest selection of movies and television shows.


With this information in mind, it’s obvious that the best VPN location for streaming Netflix and having a larger selection is the USA. It has the most accessible content, and it is obvious that the American people like it as well!

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