Why are VPN companies based in the United States insecure?

The United States Congress approved a bill in March 2017. The content is a little startling at times. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are permitted to collect and sell logs without the user’s consent.

That implies that internet users who reside within the legal jurisdiction of the United States have been confronted with the reality of their browsing data being sold since late 2017. Following the legislation’s passage, many modifications were made to the privacy of personal information used on the internet.

Let us ascertain the kind of data that US ISPs utilize or sell.

Your internet surfing behavior follows a predictable pattern. Simply because you browse the web depending on your interests, requirements, and sometimes very sensitive topics. The data gathered by ISPs based on your surfing history may be valuable to certain individuals since it may reveal and exploit your primary worries about your health, political interests, financial issues, shopping, and even your sexual orientation. The majority of ISPs believe that this type of information should not be considered “sensitive,” arguing that they simply display more appropriate ads to consumers.

ISPs sell the data they gather about your surfing history to advertisers; the data they collect about your browsing activity enables them to provide highly targeted, highly customized advertising. You may have wondered why all the ads seem to be related to something you were previously interested in. In a nutshell, personal privacy is nonexistent in today’s online world.

Following the law’s passage, the majority of internet security experts recommended using a VPN and visiting existing encrypted websites—those marked with HTTPS at the beginning of the URL. And yet, they failed to notice that US VPN businesses based in the US are not excluded from implementing the privacy policy, which implies that US VPN providers may continue to sell customers’ logs to anybody wanting to pay for personal information.

I strongly advise users to utilize a safer, quick VPN server located outside the United States if you are a very sensitive internet user concerned about your personal information being disclosed to others.

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