Why do gamers need to download a VPN on a PC

In the last decade, PC gaming has soared to new heights. Wolfenstein, Doom, and Half-Life, among others, have gotten us to this point, and fresh technologies are propelling us onward. However, what about PC gaming’s security? Why is it necessary to download a VPN for your PC?

According to a McAfee study, 75% of PC gamers identified security as the most concerning aspect of the future of gaming. 64 percent have been personally impacted by a hack or know someone who has.

Precautions must be taken to prevent these problems. Use unique passwords, be cautious of what you click on, and be aware of potential fraud, among other things. However, there are certain threats that you cannot defend against, even though 83% of PC gamers use antivirus software. Given PC gaming’s promising but possibly unsafe future, you definitely must download a VPN for PC.

What you must do

When gaming on your PC, there are measures you may take to protect yourself individually. Although the majority of people are now aware of phishing tactics, many individuals continue to fall for them daily. According to Frontiers research, “everyone is vulnerable to phishing attacks because phishing exploits both an individual’s unique psychological/emotional triggers and technical vulnerabilities.” A VPN can not assist you if you voluntarily provide your information. If you are worried about a possible scam involving your game, contact the source immediately to see if the problem exists. It is always safer to visit a website or contact someone directly via email or message.

Additionally, using a VPN on a PC will not deter trolls or bullies. While crude banter and abuse are not unusual in an online gaming environment, nasty fraudsters may attempt to extract information from you to hijack your account, even if you are not playing the game. If you have any reason to believe that a discussion has veered too far, it is in your best interest and that of your security to stop it and block them immediately.

There are many more measures you may take to safeguard your PC gaming security. However, what about the things over which you have no control?

What a VPN for PC download will do

VPNs for PC gaming provide critical security from attacks. NordVPN supports OpenVPN and iKEV2/IPSEC encryption protocols, both of which use best-in-class AES-256 GCM encryption. That being said, do not fret; your information will be secure. Additionally, if your connection is patchy, the kill switch protects your actions and sensitive data from being exposed if your VPN goes down. It will not prevent you from abandoning your teammates in the middle of the game, but it will protect your important data from being hacked.

Additionally, NordVPN includes a robust AdBlocker that blocks all of the harmful advertising, trackers, and malware that you’ll encounter when browsing the web. Additionally, it will accelerate your internet connection, which is a significant benefit for online gaming.

Finally, to safeguard yourself and your online gaming environment, you must download a VPN for your PC.

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