Why free VPNs are not a good choice

We all know what a VPN is and why VPNs are used in different industries. From business security to gaming speed, every sector has been blessed with VPN services. There are numerous options accessible regarding VPN services. One may be puzzled about selecting among them. But as competition grows, several businesses are now offering free VPN services.

Who doesn’t enjoy being free? Everyone loves freedom, right? But sometimes “free” is not the finest service out there. If you are worried about personal security and privacy and you are using a free VPN service, then stop now! Here are five reasons:

  1. The government may monitor your movements and activities through these free VPN services. How? Often times, the government puts up these free VPN services to snoop on individuals. One controversial example is TOR. Some authorities claim that it is sponsored by the US government. Now, if this is true, it negates the entire point of VPN, right?
  2. Free VPN services will monitor your browsing history and other data, store it, and sell it to advertising firms such as Google and Yahoo. In exchange, these big businesses will give them a handsome sum of money. How else do you suppose they could operate? Without money?
  3. Occasionally, these free VPN applications are just interested in generating revenue via the display of ads. As a result, they created a fake app. Thus, you install the application and connect to a VPN. You may believe that you are secure, yet the software has linked you to a free open proxy. This will help you circumvent censorship but will not offer you any level of safety or security. Consider how safe you are while using these complimentary services.
  4. Frequently, our customers have complained that free VPN providers insert code or malware into websites. This redirects the user to undesirable websites, such as pornographic websites.
  5. Several of these free VPN providers do not operate on their own servers; instead, they purchase VPN services from large providers like us and then attempt to resell them. This affects not just security, but also performance.

According to some of our clients, the speed over a free VPN network was even less than 10 KBps. This occurs because of thousands of people using the same network and VPN service, making them slower than a snail.

Bonus: These services are very unstable; they will not function when you need them! Customer service is likewise atrocious.

Therefore, do not always believe that free is always a good thing. Are you fed up with your free VPN? Consider NordVPN services and experience the difference for yourself. Dedicated support staff, the fastest speeds, complete privacy and security, and much more.

Now is the time to take advantage of the NordVPN free trial.

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