Why you should only buy from a dedicated IP VPN provider

Nowadays, hundreds of new VPN services emerge daily. In current times of intense competition, you will find many providers claiming to provide the lowest and finest service available, which is seldom the case. Several of them may even offer longer free trials and money-back guarantees to boost their sales.

A dedicated IP address implies that no one else has access to it but you; it’s similar to using your home internet. Each internet connection has a unique IP address. Shared IP addresses are shared by many users. Consider this as an individual linked to your Wi-Fi router.

The following are three reasons why you should avoid purchasing from these providers.

1.) They provide a shared IP VPN: One thing to remember when shopping for a reliable VPN is to get only a dedicated IP VPN. Providers of low-cost VPN will never provide you with a dedicated IP VPN since it is more expensive and thus unprofitable for their company.

2.) They are unreliable: these low-cost companies often lack dedicated support, guarantee 100 percent uptime, and sometimes fail to respond at all after you pay. Each day, hundreds of VPN companies activate their services, while almost twice that number shut down.

3.) They monitor you: Because a shared IP VPN connects hundreds of users to the same server, so-called inexpensive VPN companies often track customers through their IP and Mac addresses, compromising their privacy and anonymity. This is not the case with a supplier of dedicated IP VPN.

Thus, for unobstructed, error-free personal and business usage, it is preferable to purchase from a Dedicated IP VPN service. For instance, NordVPN.

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